Monday, September 12, 2011

Spooky Halloween Radio Presents-Sorry Wrong Number

On May 25, 1943, she first performed Lucille Fletcher’s heart-pounding play, Sorry Wrong Number, during a broadcast of the Suspense radio series. She earned the Golden Mike Award, and a Golden Record for the recording made of the drama.

The story follows Leona Stevenson, an invalid who impatiently tries to locate her henpecked husband by telephone. When wires accidentally cross, she overhears a telephone conversation between two men plotting to murder a bedridden woman at precisely 11:15 pm. Desperate to thwart the crime, she frantically tries to get both the telephone operator and the police to do something to prevent it from happening but is dismissed as a crank. Alone and trapped in her lush apartment, the shocking identity of the victim takes a spine tingling twist when Leona realizes the thugs are coming for her. Agnes Moorehead gives a tour-de-force performance.




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