Sunday, August 21, 2011

1961 Topps reverse side

Very little about card backs are ever discussed, but the reverse side can be very interesting. They complete a picture by providing information that people might not know.

In the 1950s and 1960s the cards were a wealth of info. Fun, funny and useful facts with trivia about all aspects of baseball.

The cartoons on the back appealed to kids and adults alike. Some included quizzes about baseball history or baseball rules.

In 61 Topps added new subsets including a series of league leader cards (41 – 50), dedicated checklist cards (17, 98, 189, 273, 361, 437, and 516), a "Baseball Thrills" subset (401 – 410) that featured mostly New York Yankees, and a Most Valuable Player series (471 – 486) two managers subsets (131 – 139 and 219 - 226) and a World Series highlights set (306 – 313), the set was book-ended by the now-popular last-series All-Star cards.

The design of the 1961 Topps cards was a no thrill subdued appearance contain a large color portrait with the players name, team and position listed along the bottom. The backs of these cards contain extensive statistics including a Jack Davis-three-panel cartoon highlighting the players career.

Cards 523 through 589 are scarce.

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