Wednesday, September 28, 2011

1978 Topps

Number of Cards

1978 Topps contains 726 cards, of which 30 are Cubs players, including four rookies.

Size of Cards

Standard size , which measure 2 1/2" by 3 1/2"

Basic Features

The card fronts feature a larger than normal color photograph of the player. The players' names and teams are located along the bottom, and the players' positions are noted inside a baseball on the top right. Most of the starting all-star team from 1977 had a red, white, and blue shield instead of a baseball.

The "then and now" format on the card front of the manager in the set depicts him as he appeared when he was a player.

These cards' backs featured a baseball game along with the player's bio, the usual statistics, and a small blurb about their career. All in all, it's a nice set for Cubs fans to collect.

Subsets include

  • Statistical Leaders (LL)
  • Record Breakers (RB)
  • World Series highlights (WS)
  • Playoff Highlights (CS)

Released in 1 series

  • 14-card wax packs
  • 30-card supermarket packs
  • 39-card rack packs-These strips were designed to hang from one end of a pegboard rack.

39-card Christmas rack packs

1978 Topps Chicago Cubs Checklist

Number Player
17 Mike Krukow
50 Rick Reuschel
76 Steve Ontiveros
99 Willie Hernandez RC
123 Manny Trillo
152 Ivan DeJesus RC
175 Jerry Morales
234 Herman Franks
252 Steve Swisher DP
302 Chicago Cubs Team CL
325 Bruce Sutter
346 Larry Biittner
371 Ray Burris
397 Greg Gross
423 Dave Rosello
473 Bill Buckner
489 Rudy Meoli
501 Dave Roberts
523 Donnie Moore RC
541 Larry Cox
564 Mick Kelleher
570 Dave Kingman
585 Woodie Fryman DP
590 Bobby Murcer
614 Joe Wallis
639 Gene Clines
663 Paul Reuschel
688 George Mitterwald
711 Rookie Pitchers Dennis Lamp RC
722 Pete Broberg

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