Friday, October 14, 2011

1979 Topps

Number of Cards

1979 Topps remained at 726 cards.

Size of Cards

Standard size , which measure 2½” by 3½”.

Basic Features

The card fronts are similar to in 1978, with large color photographs of the player. The players' names and teams are located along the bottom, along with a baseball with the Topps logo inside.

The back printing color was changed from 1978, but it does include the standard statistics, but instead of a game situation, there is a baseball quiz.

Subsets include
  • Statistical Leaders (LL)
  • Record Breakers (RB)
  • All Time Leaders (AT).

Topps Rookie cards are arranged by team and labeled as "Prospects."

Released in 1 series

Chicago Cubs Checklist

Number Player
17 Donnie Moore
53 Mick Kelleher
86 Rodney Scott
98 Ray Burris
135 Bobby Murcer
153 Dennis Lamp
171 Gene Clines
240 Rick Reuschel
299 Steve Ontiveros
323 Lynn McGlothen
346 Bill Buckner
370 Dave Kingman
398 Ivan DeJesus
433 Larry Biittner
457 Bruce Sutter
473 Dave Roberts
489 Larry Cox
494 Jerry White
513 Dave Johnson
522 Ken Holtzman
551 Herman Franks
579 Greg Gross
592 Mike Krukow
614 Willie Hernandez
639 Manny Trillo
663 Mike Vail
693 Dave Rader
716 Chicago Cubs Team

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