Saturday, December 24, 2011

1912 T202 Hassan Triple Folders Chicago Cubs Checklist

Distributed by Hassan cigarettes in 1912 this card is a close relative of the T205. T202 baseball card set consists of 132 cards that measure 2¼" by 5½" when unfolded. All have similar cards in the T205 set. Many of the players are repeated in this set.

The difference between T202 cards and T205 cards is the team logos are missing and borders are white instead of gold.

The cards were produced in 2 factories, 649-black-back & 30-red-back.

Card backs follow the format of the fronts. Each player card has a biography on the back, but unlike the T205 cards they resemble, there are no lines of statistics used here. The center panel even has accompanying text which describes the action taking place on the photo shown on the card front. All three elements have a Hassan advertisement below the text.

There are 14 Cub Players in this great set:
16 Chance Beats Out a Hit - Frank Chance & Bill Foxen
17 Chance Beats Out a Hit - Harry McIntire & Jimmy Archer
18 Chance Beats Out a Hit - Orval Overall & Jimmy Archer
19 Chance Beats Out a Hit - John Rowan & Jimmy Archer
20 Chance Beats Out a Hit - David Shean & Frank Chance
60 Evers Makes a Safe Slide - Jimmy Archer & Johnny Evers
61 Evers Makes a Safe Slide - Frank Chance & Johnny Evers
62 Evers Makes a Safe Slide - Jimmy Archer & Orval Overall
63 Evers Makes a Safe Slide - Jimmy Archer & Ed Reulbach
64 Evers Makes a Safe Slide - Joe Tinker & Frank Chance
72 Harry Lord at Third - Ed Lennox & Joe Tinker
88 Knight Catches a Runner Jack Knight & Walter Johnson
95 McConnell Caught - Tom Needham & Lew Richie
109 Stone About to Swing - Wildfire Schulte & Jimmy Sheckard
116 The Athletic Infield - Mordecai Brown & Peaches Graham

This is a hard set to complete at near mint condition as always with vintage sets only buy graded cards that are from a reputable company. Never buy vintage cards from aution sites unless you can trust the seller most are counterfit.

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