Friday, August 3, 2012

1949 Bowman Chicago Cubs

Number of Cards

1949 Bowman had 240 cards and there are 14 Cub cards with 1 varation.

Size of Cards

The cards are the following dimensions: 2-1/16" by 2-1/2”

Basic Features

Printed in seven series, Bowman’s cards featured black-and-white player photographs with the addition of color to the team uniforms placed on them and backgrounds with several different pastel colors. The set is riddled with variations. Examine the checklist below. Cards 1–73 can be found with either white or gray backs. Card backs have a printed summary of the player's highlights and a line of biographical information. There was an added advertisement to send in card wrappers for an item, either a bank game or a ring.

Chicago Cubs 1949 Bowman Checklist

Number Player
6 Phil Cavarretta RC
22 Harry P-Nuts Lowrey RC
38 Emil Verban RC
52 Johnny Schmitz RC
63 Andy Pafko RC
83a Bob Scheffing -no name on front
83b Bob Scheffing -name on front
99 Frank Gustine RC
115 Emil Leonard
130 Harry Walker RC
152 Clarence Maddern RC
168 Doyle Lade RC
184 Bob Chipman RC
200 Jess Dobernic RC
212 Ralph Hamner RC

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