Thursday, September 1, 2011

1975 Topps

Number of Cards

660 cards in the 1975 Topps collection included 32 Cubs players.

Size of Cards

The size of the cards are standard-size 2 ½ x 3 ½

Basic Features

The card fronts are very colorful, with a color portrait inside a two-color border divided at the middle of the card. The team name is in block letters along the top border, and the players' names are along the bottom. The player's position is located inside a baseball icon located near the bottom corner of the card. The front also contains a facsimile autograph. The backs are red and green with complete stats, a cartoon trivia fact, and a short bio.

Subsets include

  • '74 Highlight cards (HG)
  • 1951-1974 MVPs (MVP)
  • Statistical Leaders (LL)
  • World Series Highlights, (WS)
  • Playoff Highlights (CS)

Released in 1 series

series 1 (1-660)

Short Prints

Even though all of the 1975 Topps cards were released all at the time, the first 132 cards are found in lesser quantities.

Chicago Cubs 1975 Topps Checklist

Number Player
15 Jose Cardenal
39 Andre Thornton
63 Steve Swisher RC
85 Bill Bonham
104 Bill Madlock
129 Rick Monday
153 Rick Reuschel
176 Burt Hooton
190 Hank Sauer MVP
196 Ernie Banks MVP
197 Ernie Banks MVP
233 Billy Grabarkewitz
258 Dave LaRoche
282 Jerry Morales
315 Don Kessinger
338 Rich Stelmaszek
352 Darold Knowles
363 Carmen Fanzone
388 Steve Stone
411 George Mitterwald
434 Bob Locker
436 Ken Frailing
469 Tom Dettore RC
494 Pete LaCock RC
519 Jim Todd RC
566 Ray Burris
587 Chris Ward RC
604 Oscar Zamora RC
617 Rookie Infielders Cubbage RC/ DeCinces RC/Sanders/Trillo
638 Chicago Cubs CL Jim Marshall MG
658 Vic Harris

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