Monday, August 24, 2009

1954 Topps Baseball Card Set & The Holy Grail of Cub Cards

Topps Base Set
The 1954 Topps set has 250-cards. The cards are still a then standard of 2 5/8 by 3 ¾

A full color team logo and facsimile autograph with a large portrait shot and a small full-bodied action pose.

some cards were issue with no boarder and were mis-cut.

Series I: 1-50
Series 2: 51-75
Series 3: 76-250
There is no “high” series

Errors + Variations
1-50 come with either White or Gray Backs

Chicago Cubs Checklist

Number Player
4 Hank Sauer
4A Hank Sauer GB
28 Paul Minner
28A Paul Minner GB
31 Johnny Klippstein
31A Johnny Klippstein GB
55 Phil Cavarretta MG
60 Frank Baumholtz
67 Jim Willis RC
76 Bob Scheffing CO
89 Howie Pollet
94 Ernie Banks RC
229 Bob Talbot RC
243 Ray Blades CO RC

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