Friday, August 5, 2011

1974 Topps

Number of Cards

1974 Topps had 660 cards which there are 33 Cubs players plus 3 traded total of 36

Card Dimensions

The standard-sized cards are the following dimensions: 2-1/2" by 3-1/2"

Basic Features

The front of these cards contain a color portrait or action photograph of the player set inside a square frame with round corners. The team's city and player's position are located at the top of the card with the cities name being placed inside a pennant. The players name and the team nickname is located at the bottom of the card with the team nickname being set inside a pennant.

The card backs' standard biographical and statistical data are included, and the color scheme is green with the card stock's natural gray tone. On the back, there is a cartoon tale and a witty quote.

Topps also sold a whole factory set for the first time in 1974. Only the JC Penney department store catalog offered it for sale. The first-ever "Traded" collection, which featured 44 cards of players who switched teams at some time during the year, was an added benefit for buying the set.

Released in 1 series:

Series 1 (1-660)

Subsets include:

  • League Leaders (cards #201-208)
  • All-Stars (cards #331-339)
  • Playoff Highlights (cards #470-471
  • World Series Highlights (cards #472-479)
  • Topps Rookie Stars (cards #596-608)

Chicago Cubs 1974 Topps Checklist

Number Player
14 Paul Popovich
38 Don Kessinger
62 Bobby Locker
110 Billy Williams
136 Rick Reuschel
157 Vic Harris
161 Ray Burris
185 Jose Cardenal
211 Chicago Cubs Team
258 Jerry Morales
270 Ron Santo
295 Rick Monday
319 Randy Hundley
334 Ron Santo AS
338 Billy Williams AS
354 Chicago Cubs Team
378 Burt Hooton
399 Mike Paul
422 Gonzalo Marquez
452 Gene Hiser
484 Carmen Fanzone
502 Dave LaRoche
528 Bill Bonham
562 Jack Aker
584 Ken Rudolph
598 Rookie Outfielders - Jim Tyrone RC
600 RRookie Infielders - Bill Madlock RC
603 Rookie Catchers - Tom Lundstedt RC
604 Rookie Infielders- Andy Thornton RC
607 Rookie Shortstops - Dave Rosello RC
616 Larry Gura
640 Milt Pappas
656 Adrian Garrett

Number Player
249T George Mitterwald
486T Steve Stone
516T Horacio Pina


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