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1992 Cubs collection


The Cubs Bowman set contains a 23-card standard-size set that was upgraded to slick stock with gold foil subset cards. Card fronts feature posed and action-colored player photos on a UV-coated white card face. The foil cards feature past and present Team USA players.

27 Jerome Walton
81 Earl Cunningham
85 Robert Nutting RC
95 Elvin Paulino RC
116 Sammy Sosa
128 Gary Scott
138 Ryan Hawblitzel RC
142 Danny Jackson
148 Greg Maddux
156 Rick Wilkins
169 Phil Dauphin RC
271 Pedro Castellano RC
287 Doug Dascenzo
300 Ryne Sandberg
316 Lance Dickson
322 Doug Strange
333 Dave Smith
580 Mark Grace
625 Andre Dawson
636 Joe Girardi
647 Mike Morgan
649 Pedro Castellano FOIL
693 Turk Wendell RC


The Cubs Donruss set contains 31 standard-size cards issued in two separate series. The card design features glossy color player photos with white borders. Two-toned blue stripes overlay the top and bottom of the picture. Subsets include Rated Rookies, All-Stars, and Highlights.

38 Doug Dascenzo
53 Dave Smith
91 Danny Jackson
119 Andre Dawson
127 George Bell
152 Luis Salazar
159 Paul Assenmacher
175 Joe Girardi
212 Jose Vizcaino
241 Mike Harkey
249 Rick Wilkins
281 Mark Grace
296 Les Lancaster
334 Heathcliff Slocumb
412 Rey Sanchez RC
421 Lance Dickson RR
422 Andre Dawson AS
429 Ryne Sandberg AS
439 Chico Walker
454 Bob Scanlan
492 Frank Castillo
520 Greg Maddux
528 Jerome Walton
561 Dwight Smith
576 Ryne Sandberg
613 Shawon Dunston
642 Rick Sutcliffe
650 Chuck McElroy
662 Ced Landrum
725 Hector Villanueva
754 Yorkis Perez

Donruss Rookies

The Cubs Donruss Rookies set contains four standard-size sets. The design is the same as the 1992 Donruss regular issue except that the two-tone blue color bars have been replaced by green, as in the previous six Donruss Rookies sets. The cards are arranged in alphabetical order and numbered on the back.

20 Jim Bullinger
22 Pedro Castellano RC
49 Ryan Hawblitzel RC
70 Derrick May


Cubs Fleer set contains 23 standard-size cards. The fronts shade from metallic pale green to white as one moves down the face. The team logo and player's name appear to the right of the picture, running the length of the card. The cards are ordered alphabetically within. Topical subsets feature Major League Prospects, Record Setters, League Leaders, Super Star Specials and Pro Visions.

375 Paul Assenmacher
376 George Bell
377 Shawn Boskie
378 Frank Castillo
379 Andre Dawson
380 Shawon Dunston
381 Mark Grace
382 Mike Harkey
383 Danny Jackson
384 Les Lancaster
385 Ced Landrum
386 Greg Maddux
387 Derrick May
388 Chuck McElroy
389 Ryne Sandberg
390 Heathcliff Slocumb
391 Dave Smith
392 Dwight Smith
393 Rick Sutcliffe
394 Hector Villanueva
395 Chico Walker
396 Jerome Walton
397 Rick Wilkins

Fleer Update

The Cubs Fleer Update set contains six standard-size cards. The Update design is identical to the regular issue except for the U-prefixed numbering on the back.

72 Alex Arias
73 Jim Bullinger
74 Mike Morgan
75 Rey Sanchez
76 Bob Scanlan
77 Sammy Sosa


The Cubs Leaf set contains 22 standard-size cards. Fronts feature color action player photos on a silver card face. The player's name appears in a black bar, edged at the bottom by a thin red stripe. The team logo overlaps the bar in the right corner.

6 Gary Scott
26 Mark Grace
30 Dave Smith
51 Doug Dascenzo
72 Joe Girardi
117 Paul Assenmacher
158 Chuck McElroy
162 Shawn Boskie
183 Andre Dawson
204 Mike Morgan
249 Shawon Dunston
270 Jose Vizcaino
290 Frank Castillo
294 Greg Maddux
317 Ryne Sandberg
331 Ryan Sandberg CL
336 Rick Wilkins
381 Danny Jackson
412 Sammy Sosa
437 Bob Scanlan
476 Doug Strange
509 Ken Patterson


The Cubs Pinnacle set (issued by Score) contains 25 standard-size cards in two series. An anti-counterfeit device appears at the bottom border of each card back. A special ribbed plastic lenticular detector card was made available that allowed the user to view the anti-counterfeit device and unscramble the coding with the word "Pinnacle" appearing. Subsets include '92 Rookie Prospects, Idols, Sidelines, Draft Picks, Shades, Grips, and Technicians.


10 Ryne Sandberg
37 George Bell
65 Greg Maddux
94 Dave Smith
115 Andre Dawson
136 Mark Grace
160 Doug Dascenzo
197 Mike Harkey
224 Jerome Walton
244 Shawon Dunston
269 Gary Scott
272 Lance Dickson
293 Dwight Smith Sidelines
329 Chuck McElroy
372 Luis Salazar
414 Mike Morgan
419 Hector Villaneuva
457 Danny Jackson
466 Paul Assenmacher
498 Joe Girardi
504 Frank Castillo
527 Shawn Boskie
534 Derrick May
550 Rey Sanchez RC
608 Greg Maddux GRIP
617 Ryne Sandberg Tech

Pinnacle Rookie

Pinnacle Rookie included one player from each team. A total of 180,000 sets were produced.
15 Gary Scott


The Cubs Score set contains 29 standard-size cards in two different series. Subsets include Rookie Prospects, No-Hit Club, Highlights, AL All-Stars, Dream Team, NL All-Stars, Highlights, Draft Picks, and Memorabilia. Rookie Prospects can be found with or without the Rookie Prospect stripe.

45 George Bell
67 Mike Harkey
75 Andre Dawson
98 Dave Smith
120 Danny Jackson
169 Jose Vizcaino
200 Ryne Sandberg
213 Heathcliff Slocumb
269 Greg Maddux
285 Bob Scanlan
319 Doug Dascenzo
348 Les Lancaster
360 Paul Assenmacher
366 Chuck McElroy
399 Frank Castillo
418 Ced Landrum
442 Ryne Sandberg DT
445 Mark Grace
457 Jerome Walton
483 Rick Wilkins
508 Luis Salazar
578 Chico Walker
612 Dwight Smith
634 Shawon Dunston
665 Rick Sutcliffe
677 Hector Villanueva
701 Joe Girardi
713 Shawn Boskie
774 Ryne Sandberg AS
875 Laddie Renfroe

Score Rookie and Traded

The Cubs Score Rookie and Traded set contains five standard-size cards featuring traded veterans and rookies.

21T Steve Buechele
23T Sammy Sosa Cubs
66T Mike Morgan
70T Kal Daniels
101T Jim Bullinger

Stadium Club

The Cubs Stadium Club (issued by Topps) set contains 36 premium-quality standard-size cards and is issued in two separate series. Card numbers 591-610 form a "Members' Choice" subset. The back of each card has the basic biographical information as well as making use of the Fastball BARS system and an inset photo of the player's Topps rookie card.

21 Luis Salazar
50 Ryne Sandberg
65 Frank Castillo
88 Les Lancaster
112 Bob Scanlan
132 Joe Girardi
148 Derrick May
174 Mark Grace
196 Dwight Smith
219 Dave Smith
252 Doug Dascenzo
284 Shawn Boskie
308 Rey Sanchez RC
334 Ced Landrum
359 Jose Vizcaino
382 Heathcliff Slocumb
406 Danny Jackson
421 Jerome Walton
442 Erik Pappas
474 Chuck McElroy
501 Mike Harkey
525 George Bell
540 Shawon Dunston
564 Chico Walker
600 Ryne Sandberg MC
628 Sammy Sosa
643 Rick Wilkins
665 Greg Maddux
708 Gary Scott
714 Jim Bullinger
731 Paul Assenmacher
756 Jeff D. Robinson
787 Mike Morgan
810 Andre Dawson
836 Lance Dickson
858 Hector Villanueva


Cubs Studio set contains 10 standard-size cards featuring veterans.

11 Doug Dascenzo
12 Andre Dawson
13 Joe Girardi
14 Mark Grace
15 Greg Maddux
16 Chuck McElroy
17 Mike Morgan
18 Ryne Sandberg
19 Gary Scott
20 Sammy Sosa
26 Checklist


The Cubs Topps set contains 27 standard-size cards. The fronts have either posed or action color player photos on a white card face. Different color stripes frame the pictures, and the player's name and team name appear in two short color stripes at the bottom. Subsets included Record Breakers, Prospects, and All-Stars.

67 Luis Salazar
81 Ced Landrum
98 Mike Harkey
110 Ryne Sandberg
140 Mark Grace
168 Dwight Smith
181 Hector Villanueva
196 Frank Castillo
213 Les Lancaster
229 Shawn Boskie
274 Bob Scanlan
320 George Bell
348 Rick Wilkins
370 Shawon Dunston
387 Ryne Sandberg AS
439 Chico Walker
460 Andre Dawson
509 Doug Dascenzo
529 Joe Girardi
543 Jerome Walton
561 Jose Vizcaino
576 Heathcliff Slocumb
580 Greg Maddux
601 Dave Smith
619 Danny Jackson
727 Chuck McElroy
753 Paul Assenmacher

Topps Traded

The Cubs Topps Traded set contains seven standard-size cards. which focuses on promising rookies, new managers, and players who changed teams, also includes a Team U.S.A. subset. The card design is identical to the regular issue except for the T-suffixed numbering.

17T Jim Bullinger
63T Jim Lefebvre MG
68T Derrick May
76T Mike Morgan
98T Rey Sanchez RC
102T Gary Scott
109T Sammy Sosa

Tops Gold

Cubs Topps Gold factory set have the same checklist as the regular issue. The production run was 12,000 sets.

Tops Gold Winners

Cubs Topps Gold Winner set have the same checklist as the regular issue and was a mail-in offer for ten Topps Gold cards. These particular Topps Gold cards carry the word "Winner" in gold foil on the card front. The Gold winner promotion was very popular and the cards are in noticably larger supply than the basic Gold parallels.

Tops Micro

Cubs Topps Micro set contains 36 premium quality standard-The set is an exact replica of the regular issue 1992 Topps set (not including the Traded set).The cards, however, measure considerably smaller (1" by 1 3/8") than the regular cards


Cubs Ultra (issued by Fleer) set contains 25 standard-size premium cards issued in two series. The cards are numbered on the back alphabetically. The cards feature full color action photography on the fronts and two full-color photos on the backs. Some cards have been found without the word Fleer on the front.

172 Paul Assenmacher
173 George Bell
174 Shawon Dunston
175 Mark Grace
176 Danny Jackson
177 Les Lancaster
178 Greg Maddux
179 Luis Salazar
180 Rey Sanchez RC
181 Ryne Sandberg
182 Jose Vizcaino
183 Chico Walker
184 Jerome Walton
466 Shawn Boskie
467 Frank Castillo
468 Andre Dawson
469 Joe Girardi
470 Chuck McElroy
471 Mike Morgan
472 Ken Patterson
473 Bob Scanlan
474 Gary Scott
475 Dave Smith
476 Sammy Sosa
477 Hector Villanueva

Upper Deck

The Cubs Upper Deck set contains 30 standard-size premium cards issued in two series. Factory sets feature a unique gold-foil hologram on the card backs (in contrast to the silver hologram on foil pack cards). Subsets included in the set are Star Rookies, Team Checklists, with player portraits by Vernon Wells Sr., Top Prospects, Bloodlines, Diamond Skills, and Diamond Debuts.

35 Shawon Dunston TC
50 Ced Landrum
59 Ryan Hawblitzel RC
102 Hector Villanueva
104 Danny Jackson
122 Shawon Dawson
124 Andre Dawson
143 Mark Grace
145 Ryne Sandberg
218 Mike Harkey
220 Chuck McElroy
236 George Bell
239 Doug Dascenzo
351 Joe Girardi
353 Greg Maddux
373 Rick Wilkins
463 Jerome Walton
481 Les Lancaster
526 Frank Castillo
529 Rick Sutcliffe
549 Dave Smith
562 Rey Sanchez RC
569 Heathcliff Slocumb
590 Paul Assenmacher
617 Chico Walker
638 Luis Salazar
703 Mike Morgan
714 Shawon Dunston DS
723 Sammy Sosa Cubs
780 Turk Wendell RC

Minor League

Geneva Cubs Classic/Best

Geneva Cubs set contains 30 standard-size cards. Class A New York-Penn League affiliate of the Chicago Cubs, features white-bordered posed color player photos on its fronts. The player's name, team, and position appear at the bottom. The white back is framed by a thin red line and carries the player's name and position at the top, followed by biography, statistics and team logos.

1 Pedro Valdez
2 Jose Trujillo
3 Hector Trinidad
4 Chad Tredaway
5 Paul Stojsavljevic
6 Kennie Steenstra
7 Adam Schulhofer
8 Chris Rodriguez
9 Chris Peterson
10 Geno Morones
11 Dan Madsen
12 Collin Kerley
13 Robin Jennings
14 Jonathan Jarolimek
15 Mike Hubbard
16 Scott Gardner
17 Pat Fairly
18 Todd Edwards
19 Darren Dreyer
20 German Diaz
21 Dave DeMoss
22 David Dark
23 Chuck Daniel
24 Darren Tillman
25 London Bradley
26 Greg Mahlberg MG
27 Stan Kyles CO
28 Brad Bierley CO
29 Dick Cummings TR
30 Checklist

Geneva Cubs Fleer/ProCards

Geneva Cubs Fleer/ProCards set contains 28 standard-size cards a Class A New York-Penn League affiliate of the Chicago Cubs, features brown-bordered posed color player photos on its fronts. The player's name appears in an upper corner; his team and position appear in a lower corner. The white back is framed by a black line and carries the player's name at the top, followed by biography and statistics.

1551 Chuck Daniel
1552 David Dark
1553 Darren Dreyer
1554 Todd Edwards
1555 Scott Gardner
1556 Jonathan Jarolimek
1557 Collin Kerley
1558 Geno Morones
1559 Chris Rodriguez
1560 Adam Schulhofer
1561 Kennie Steenstra
1562 Hector Trinidad
1563 Mike Hubbard
1564 Paul Stojsavljevic
1565 Byron Bradley
1566 German Diaz
1567 Pat Fairly
1568 Chris Petersen
1569 Chad Tredaway
1570 Jose Trujillo
1571 Dave DeMoss
1572 Robin Jennings
1573 Dan Madsen
1574 Darren Tillman
1575 Pedro Valdez
1576 Brad Bierley
1577 Stan Kyles
1578 Checklist

Huntington Cubs Classic/Best

Huntington Cubs Classic/Best set contains 30 standard-size cards a Class AA Southern League affiliate of the Oakland Athletics, features white-bordered posed color player photos on its fronts. The player's name, team, and position appear at the bottom. The white back is framed by a thin red line and carries the player's name and position at the top, followed by biography, statistics and team logos.

1 Brandon Pico
2 Robert Nutting
3 Jason Boehlow
4 Danny Montero
5 Andre Nelson
6 Ricky Perez
7 Roque Colon
8 Kevin Booker
9 Maceo Houston
10 Josh Simmons
11 Scott Barton
12 Micky Reeves
13 Dan Gustavson
14 Matt Lawrence
15 Jose Pacheco
16 Andy Elsbecker
17 Coleman Smith
18 Steven Walker
19 Mitch Root
20 William Latimer
21 Jon Waite
22 Patrick Kendrick
23 Chris Plonk
24 Tim Stutheit
25 Jay Hassel
26 Daryle Gavlick
27 Amaury Telemaco
28 Phillip Hannon
29 Gil Kubski
30 Greg Keuter CL

Huntington Cubs Fleer/ProCards

Huntington Cubs Fleer/ProCards set contains 32 standard-size cards a Rookie Class A Appalachian League affiliate of the Chicago Cubs, features brown-bordered posed color player photos on its fronts. The player's name appears in an upper corner; his team and position appear in a lower corner. The white back is framed by a black line and carries the player's name at the top, followed by biography and statistics.

3137 Billy Childress
3138 Andy Elsbecker
3139 Mario Garcia
3140 Daryle Gavlick
3141 Dan Gustavson
3142 Jay Hassel
3143 Patrick Kendrick
3144 William Latimer
3145 Matt Lawrence
3146 Luis Matos
3147 Jose Pacheco
3148 Amaury Telemaco
3149 Jon Waite
3150 Scott Barton
3151 Danny Montero
3152 Francisco Morales
3153 Jason Boehlow
3154 Robert Nutting
3155 Richard Perez
3156 Chris Plonk
3157 Mitch Root
3158 Josh Simmons
3159 Tim Stutheit
3160 Kevin Booker
3161 Roque Colon
3162 Maceo Houston
3163 Andre Nelson
3164 Brandon Pico
3165 Mickey Reeves
3166 Coleman Smith
3167 Steven Walker
3168 Checklist

Iowa Cubs Fleer/ProCards

Huntington Cubs Fleer/ProCards set contains 24 standard-size cards a Class AAA American Association affiliate of the Chicago Cubs, features brown-bordered posed color player photos on its fronts. The player's name appears in an upper corner; his team and position appear in a lower corner. The white back is framed by a black line and carries the player's name at the top, followed by biography and statistics

4044 Steve Adkins
4045 Brad Arnsberg
4046 Hector Berrios
4047 John Gardner
4048 Jeff Hartsock
4049 Scott May
4050 Laddie Renfroe
4051 Bob Sebra
4052 Julio Strauss
4053 Mike Knapp
4054 Jorge Pedre
4055 Alex Arias
4056 Billy Bates
4057 Pedro Castellano
4058 Darrin Duffy
4059 Scott Bryant
4060 Tony Chance
4061 Fernando Ramsey
4062 Kevin Roberson
4063 Jeff Schulz
4064 Scott Wade
4065 Brad Mills MG
4066 Rick Kranitz CO
4067 Checklist

Iowa Cubs SkyBox

Iowa Cubs SkyBox set contains 26 standard-size cards a Class AAA American Association affiliate of the Chicago Cubs, features posed color player photos on its fronts. The player's name appears in an upper corner; his team and position appear in a lower corners. The back carries the player's name at the top, followed by biography and statistics

201 Steve Adkins
202 Alex Arias
203 Scott Bryant
204 Jim Bullinger
205 Pedro Castellano
206 Tony Chance
207 Lance Dickson
208 John Gardner
209 Jeff Hartsock
210 Mike Knapp
211 Ced Landrum
212 Derrick May
213 Scott May
214 Elvin Paulino
215 George Pedre
216 Fernando Ramsey
217 Laddie Renfroe
218 Kevin Roberson
219 Jeff Robinson
220 John Salles
221 Rey Sanchez
222 Doug Strange
223 Turk Wendell
224 Brad Mills MG
225 Rick Kranitz CO
NNO Checklist

Classic/Best Minor League

Cubs Classic/Best Minor League set contains 4 standard-size cards which features top prospects from Double-A and Single-A teams. The cards were sold in a reusable card box initially containing 12 cards but capable of holding a larger quantity. Classic issued a transferable Certificate of Registration to owners mailing in pictures taken showing their autograph card. Classic announced a production run of 20,000 numbered cases.

60 Phil Dauphin
61 Ryan Hawblitzel
217 Terry Adams
316 Earl Cunningham



Cubs Marathon set contains 28 standard-size cards and was produced by Marathon Oil, and its company logo appears at the bottom of the card back. The cards measure approximately 2 7/8" by 4 1/4".

1 Doug Strange
5 Jim Lefebvre MG
6 Rey Sanchez
7 Joe Girardi
8 Andre Dawson
10 Luis Salazar
12 Shawon Dunston
16 Jose Vizcaino
17 Mark Grace
18 Dwight Smith
19 Hector Villanueva
20 Jerome Walton
21 Sammy Sosa
23 Ryne Sandberg
27 Derrick May
29 Doug Dascenzo
30 Bob Scanlan
31 Greg Maddux
32 Danny Jackson
34 Ken Patterson
35 Chuck McElroy
36 Mike Morgan
38 Jeff D. Robinson
42 Dave Smith
45 Paul Assenmacher
47 Shawn Boskie
49 Frank Castillo
- Coaches Card

Old Style

Cubs Old Style set contains 28 standard-size cards and features sepia-tone player photos with tan borders. The cards are unnumbered and checklisted below in alphabetical order

1 Grover C. Alexander
2 Cap Anson
3 Ernie Banks
4 Mordecai Brown
5 Phil Cavarretta
6 Frank Chance
7 Kiki Cuyler
8 Johnny Evers
9 Charlie Grimm
10 Stan Hack
11 Gabby Hartnett
12 Billy Herman
13 Rogers Hornsby
14 Ken Hubbs
15 Randy Hundley
16 Ferguson Jenkins
17 Bill Lee
18 Andy Pafko
19 Rick Reuschel
20 Charlie Root
21 Ron Santo
22 Hank Sauer
23 Riggs Stephenson
24 Bruce Sutter
25 Joe Tinker
26 Jim(Hippo) Vaughn
27 Billy Williams
28 Hack Wilson

Cubs U.S. Playing Cards

Cubs U.S. Playing Cards set contains 54 standard-size cards and was issued in its own box which featured members of the 1992 Chicago Cubs. These cards have rounded borders and feature color posed and action player photos against a white background. The set is checklists below in playing card ortder and assigned numbers to Aces (1), Jacks (11), Queens (12) and Kings (13).

1C George Bell
1D Greg Maddux
1H Andre Dawson
1S Ryne Sandberg
2C Gary Scott
2D Shawn Boskie
2H Dwight Smith
2S Frank Castillo
3C Jose Vizcaino
3D Ced Landrum
3H Rick Wilkins
3S Mike Harkey
4C Heathcliff Slocumb
4D Gary Scott
4H Doug Dascenzo
4S Dave Smith
5C Danny Jackson
5D Ced Landrum
5H Bob Scanlan
5S Les Lancaster
6C Shawn Boskie
6D Jose Vizcaino
6H Chico Walker
6S Hector Villanueva
7C Luis Salazar
7D Mike Harkey
7H Paul Assenmacher
7S Shawon Dunston
8C Chuck McElroy
8D Jerome Walton
8H Mark Grace
8S Heathcliff Slocumb
9C Andre Dawson
9D George Bell
9H Ryne Sandberg
9S Greg Maddux
10C Dave Smith
10D Frank Castillo
10H Danny Jackson
10S Dwight Smith
11C Hector Villanueva
11D Rick Wilkins
11H Jerome Walton
11S Bob Scanlan
12C Doug Dascenzo
12D Les Lancaster
12H Chico Walker
12S Luis Salazar
13C Shawon Dunston
13D Paul Assenmacher
13H Chuck McElroy
13S Mark Grace

Classic Game

Cubs Classic Baseball Collector's Edition set contains 8 standard-size cards The cards were issued in two boxes labeled "Trivia Cards A" and "Trivia Cards B." The game also included an official Major League Action Spinner, eight stand-up baseball hero player pieces, an action scoreboard, a hand-illustrated game board, and a collectible book featuring tips from a new group of baseball legends. According to Classic, production has been limited to 125,000 games. The fronts display glossy color action photos bordered in dark purple. The Classic logo and the year "1992" appear in the top border, while the player's name is given in white lettering in the bottom border. The horizontally oriented backs present biography, statistics (1991 and career), and five baseball trivia questions.

26 George Bell
27 Andre Dawson
28 Shawon Dunston
29 Mark Grace
30 Greg Maddux
31 Dave Smith
86 Danny Jackson
131 Ryne Sandberg

Classic trivia board game

Cubs Classic baseball trivia Edition set contains 7 standard-size cards The 1992 Series I and II baseball trivia board game features standard-size player cards, one "4-in-1" micro player card, a gameboard, and a spinner. The cards display color action player photos on the fronts. The horizontal backs have a biography, statistics (1991 and career), five trivia questions, and a color drawing of the team's uniform. According to Classic, the production run was 175,000 games

NNO 4-in-1 Card Ryne Sandberg
T22 Derrick May
T24 Andre Dawson
T27 Sammy Sosa
T29 Ryne Sandberg
T60 Chuck McElroy
T79 Ryne Sandberg

Colla All-Star Game

Cubs Colla All-Star Game set contains 3 standard-size cards was made available at the 1992 All-Star game in San Diego. The cards feature All-Stars from the National and American League. Randomly inserted throughout the sets were 200 numbered and autographed Roberto Alomar cards. The production run was limited to 25,000 sets, and the first card (McGwire) of each set bears the set serial number ("X of 25,000"). The fronts display full-bleed glossy color player photos. The All-Star Game logo and the player's name are superimposed across the bottom of the picture. The backs carry a close-up color photo and All-Star statistics. The cards are numbered in a diamond in the upper left corner

4 Ryne Sandberg
4 Ryne Sandberg
13 Ryne Sandberg

Conlon TSN

Cubs Classic/Best Minor League set contains 3 standard-size cards is numbered in continuation of the previous year's issue and again features the photography of Charles Conlon. The fronts have either posed or action black and white player photos, enframed by a white line on a black card face. A caption in a diagonal stripe cuts across the upper right corner of the picture. The player's name, team, position, and year the photos were taken appear below the pictures in white lettering. The back has biography, statistics, and career summary. The cards are numbered on the back.

441 Riggs Stephenson
530 Heinie Zimmerman
586 Gabby Hartnett

High 5

Cubs High 5 set contains 5 standard-size decals. The fronts are actually reusable stickers and display color action player photos. The color of the inner border varies from card to card , while the outermost border is on all cards. The pictures are accented above and on the right by a thin color stripe. The "High 5" logo and team logo appear in the upper left and lower right corners respectively. 26s is the Superstars Sandberg

26S Ryne Sandberg
26 George Bell
27 Andre Dawson
28 Mark Grace
29 Greg Maddux
30 Ryne Sandberg

Triple Play

Cubs Triple Play set contains 13 standard-size cards. The Triple Play set was created especially for children ages 5-12, featuring bright color borders, player quotes, fun facts. Subsets include Little Hotshots (picturing some players when they were kids) and Awesome Action

19 Greg Maddux
28 Hector Villanueva
42 George Bell
97 Lance Dickson
113 Andre Dawson AA
114 Mark Grace
151 Joe Girardi
160 Shawon Dunston
173 Wrigley Field
174 Andre Dawson
229 Ryne Sandberg
245 Chuck McElroy
246 Shawn Boskie

Rest of the Oddball cards

Denny's Holograms #10 Ryne Sandberg
Donruss Cracker Jack I #28 Ryne Sandberg
Donruss Cracker Jack I #7 Lance Dickson
Donruss Cracker Jack II #5 Mark Grace
Donruss McDonald's #6 Ryne Sandberg
Donruss Previews #4 Andre Dawson
Donruss Super DK's #DK7 George Bell
French's #12 Roberto Alomar#{Ryne Sandberg
Front Row Banks #1 Ernie Banks#{Beginnings
Front Row Banks #1AU Ernie Banks AU
Front Row Banks #2 Ernie Banks#{Complete Player
Front Row Banks #3 Ernie Banks#{Greatest Cub Ever
Front Row Banks #4 Ernie Banks#{Major League Statistics
Front Row Banks #5 Ernie Banks#{Hall of Famer
Hit The Books Bookmarks #12 Andre Dawson
Hit The Books Bookmarks #30 Ryne Sandberg
Jimmy Dean #18 Ryne Sandberg
Kenner Starting Lineup Cards #31 Ryne Sandberg
King-B Discs #19 Ryne Sandberg
L and K Decals #25 Ryan Sandberg
L and K Decals #8 Andre Dawson
Leaf Gold Previews #2 Ryne Sandberg
Leaf Previews #2 Ryne Sandberg
M.V.P. Pins #41 Andre Dawson
M.V.P. Pins #42 Ryne Sandberg
Megacards Ruth #39 Yanks Sweep Cubs#{1932
MooTown Snackers #15 Andre Dawson
Mr. Turkey Superstars #22 Ryne Sandberg
MSA Ben's Super Hitters Discs #19 Ryne Sandberg
MVP 2 Highlights #5 Ernie Banks
MVP Game #11 Ernie Banks
NewSport #24 Ryne Sandberg
Pepsi Diet MSA #16 Ryne Sandberg
Post #2 Ryne Sandberg
Post Canadian #4 Ryne Sandberg
Red Foley Stickers #111 Andre Dawson
Red Foley Stickers #127 Ryne Sandberg
Red Foley Stickers #30 Andre Dawson
Red Foley Stickers #58 Greg Maddux
Red Foley Stickers #84 Ryne Sandberg
Score Coke/Hardees Discs #7 Andre Dawson
Score Proctor and Gamble #12 Ryne Sandberg
Score Samples #5 Ryne Sandberg SP
Score/Pinnacle Promo Panels #19 Jeff Bagwell#{Darryl Strawberry#{Travis Fryman#{An
Score/Pinnacle Promo Panels #4 Kirby Puckett#{Ryne Sandberg#{Roberto Alomar#{Davi
Seven-Eleven Coins #15 Ryne Sandberg
SkyBox AAA #100 Lance Dickson
SkyBox AAA #108 Derrick May
SkyBox AAA #98 Jim Bullinger
Sports Illustrated #3-16 Ryne Sandberg
Sports Stars Collector Coins #12 Andre Dawson
Sports Stars Collector Coins #18 Mark Grace
Star Promos #11 Jerome Walton
Star Sandberg #1 Ryne Sandberg#{Checklist
Star Sandberg #10 Ryne Sandberg#{Chicago Cubs
Star Sandberg #11 Ryne Sandberg#{Chicago Cubs
Star Sandberg #2 Ryne Sandberg#{Minor League Stats
Star Sandberg #3 Ryne Sandberg#{Major League Stats
Star Sandberg #4 Ryne Sandberg#{All-Star Stats
Star Sandberg #5 Ryne Sandberg#{Championship Series Stats
Star Sandberg #6 Ryne Sandberg#{1984 N.L. MVP
Star Sandberg #7 Ryne Sandberg#{Career Highlights - 1
Star Sandberg #8 Ryne Sandberg#{Career Highlights - 2
Star Sandberg #9 Ryne Sandberg#{Personal Data
Topps Kids #1 Ryne Sandberg
Topps Kids #2 Andre Dawson
Topps Kids #3 George Bell
Topps Kids #4 Mark Grace
Topps Kids #5 Shawon Dunston
Topps McDonald's #31 Andre Dawson
Topps McDonald's #5 Ryne Sandberg
TV Sports Mailbag/Photo File 500 Home Run Club #2 Ernie Banks
U.S. Playing Cards All-Stars #3H Andre Dawson
U.S. Playing Cards All-Stars #6C Andre Dawson
Vincentown Button Proofs #16 Ryne Sandberg

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