Friday, September 9, 2011

1976 Topps

Number of Cards

1976 Topps contains 660 cards

Size of Cards

Standard size , which measure 2½” by 3½”.

Basic Features

The card fronts feature a player photograph with a simple border. There are 2 colored strips at the bottom containing the players name and team. The players position is also located at the bottom under a drawing depicting that position.

The backs have a bat and ball located on the left with the card number inside the ball along the top. Players statistics, personal information and highlights are found on the back but no cartoon.

Subsets include
Record setting performances (RB)
Statistical Leaders (LL)
World Series Highlights (WS)
Playoff Highlights (CS)
Sporting News All-Time All-Stars (AT)
Father and Son combinations (FS).

Topps began focusing on picture quality in 1976 and less on border design. The picture quality of these cards are much better than previous years.

Released in 1 series

Number Player
26 Andre Thornton
34 Mike Garman
51 Ray Burris
79 Jerry Morales
101 Pete LaCock
126 Tom Dettore
151 Bill Bonham
173 Steve Swisher
191 NL Batting Leaders Bill Madlock
206 Manny Trillo
227 Oscar Zamora
251 Rick Monday
277 Chicago Cubs Team
299 Champ Summers
323 Rob Sperring
359 Rick Reuschel
378 Steve Stone
403 Geoff Zahn
430 Jose Cardenal
482 Tim Hosley
506 George Mitterwald
546 Dave Rosello
593 Rookie Pitchers Ken Crosby RC
598 Rookie Outfielders Joe Wallis RC
617 Darold Knowles
640 Bill Madlock

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  1. Nice piece of work and very much appreciated. I think Rookies card #593 with Ken Crosby should be included.