Tuesday, February 28, 2012

1941 Double Play Chicago Cubs (R330)

The full cards measure 2 1/2" by 3 1/8". Fronts feature sepia-toned black and white photos of two different players from the same team, against a white background that also serves as the border. Below each picture is a short biography and statistical information, as well as the card number (each player has his own individual number). The cards are blank-backed.

They were produced by a Massachusetts-based company called Gum Products, Inc

There are 150 player pictures spread out over 75 cards. Cards numbered 1-79 and 101-150 are arranged horizontally and feature portrait shots, while 80-100 are arranged vertically with full-body action shots.

Cards that have been cut in half to form "singles" have a greatly reduced value. The player on the left has an odd number and the other player has an even number.

Cubs checklist

1941 Double Play #1 Larry French-Vance Page
1941 Double Play #3 Billy Herman-Stan Hack
1941 Double Play #97 Stan Hack-Bob Klinger
1941 Double Play #101 Dom Dallesandro-Augie Galanw
1941 Double Play #103 Bill Lee-Phil Cavarretta

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