Thursday, June 9, 2011

1972 Cubs

Number of Cards

1972 Topps grew to a new high of 787 cards which there are 35 Cubs players plus 5 variations

Card Dimensions

The standard-sized cards are the following dimensions: 2-1/2" by 3-1/2"

Basic Features

The front of these cards contains a color photograph of the player set inside an arch with a dual border. The players are located below the photograph inside an oval panel and the team name is located at the top in SUPERHERO (3-D Jumping out) type font. There is no mention of the players' positions on the front of these cards.

The backs are set horizontal with the standard layout of stats, biography information, and a trivia question.

Subsets include:

  • In Action (IA) cards
  • Statistical Leaders (LL)
  • Highlights from the World Series (WS)
  • Playoff Highlights (CS)
  • Boyhood Photo Cards (BP)
  • Traded (TR) cards.

Released in 6 series:

  • 1st series (1-132)
  • 2nd series (133-263)
  • 3rd series (264-394)
  • 4th series (395–525)
  • 5th series (526-656)
  • 6th series (657–787)

Short Prints:

  • Series 6 cards (657-787) are scarce and demand a premium

Errors + Variations:

There were four cards in the first series with the green (instead of yellow) color on the underside of the "C" and "S" in "CUBS."

There also one card with no green at all

Chicago Cubs 1972 Topps Checklist

Number Player
18A Juan Pizarro/Yellow underline/C and S of Cubs
18B Juan Pizarro/Green underline/C and S of Cubs
29A Bill Bonham RC/Yellow underline/C and S of Cubs
29B Bill Bonham/Green underline/C and S of Cubs
45A Glenn Beckert/Yellow underline/C and S of Cubs
45B Glenn Beckert/Green underline/C and S of Cubs
46 Glenn Beckert IA
61 Rookie Stars Burt Hooton RC
85 NL Batting Leaders Glenn Beckert
93 NL Pitching Leaders Fergie Jenkins
95 NL Strikeout Leaders Fergie Jenkins
117A Cleo James RC/Yellow underline/C and S of Cubs
117B Cleo James/Green underline/C and S of Cubs
145 Don Kessinger
192 Chicago Cubs TC
208 Milt Pappas
258 Randy Hundley
271 Ken Rudolph
303 Joe Pepitone
304 Joe Pepitone IA
335 Bill Hands
364 Johnny Callison
410 Ferguson Jenkins
439 Billy Williams
440 Billy Williams IA
485 Phil Regan
512 Paul Popovich
534A Jim Hickman
534B Jim Hickman no green at all
555 Ron Santo
556 Ron Santo IA
576 Leo Durocher MG
612 Joe Decker
639 J.C. Martin
666 Hector Torres
667 Ray Newman RC
684 Hal Breeden RC
730 Rick Monday
757 Jose Cardenal TR
766 Steve Hamilton