Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cubs players you may never heard of "Goat" Max Flack

Max Flack played outfielder for the Cubs from (1916–1922) . Flack was labeled the "goat" of the 1918 World Series.  Although nothing conclusive was said, Black Sox pitcher Eddie Cicotte, who threw the 1919 World Series, has referenced the 1918 Cubs as having inspired the Black Sox. So did the Cubs throw the Series? Cubs pitchers were terrific, finishing the Series with a 1.04 ERA. There was some suspicious plays, and most of them involved outfielder Max Flack. In game 4 Flack was picked off not once, but twice, which still remains the only player to get picked off twice in one game in the World Series. Flack turned a catchable fly ball in the sixth and final game into an error that allowed two runs to score in the Red Sox's 2-1 win. Then there was the time when Babe Ruth came to the plate for the Red Sox and the Cubs' pitcher, Lefty Tyler, saw that Flack was not playing deep enough in right field. He waved him back and Flack just stood there, Sure enough, Babe hit one over his head for a triple that scored two runs.

Here is all the cards that the "Goat" has

1916 M101-4  #59 Max Flack
1916 M101-5  #60 Max Flack--card showing
1922 E120 American Caramel Series of 240 #156 Max Flack
1922 E121 American Caramel Series of 120 #24 Max Flack
1922 W501 #117 Max Flack
1922 W573 #39 Max Flack
1923 Curtis Ireland Candy E123 #42 Max Flack
1923 Willard's Chocolates V100 #42 Max Flack
1925 Exhibits #60 Max Flack

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