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1953 Bowman

Number of Cards

In 1953 Bowman put out two sets of cards. The Series was A full-color set of 160 cards, each beautifully photographed in rich Kodachrome color, with some of the biggest names of the day.

To cut down on cost, rather than continuing the set at card #161, Bowman issued a second set featuring black-and-white images of mostly lesser-known players

Size of Cards

Bowman increased the physical dimensions of their cards to 2 1/2" by 3 5/8".

Basic Features

Bowman used the most basic card design possible in its 1953 sets: just a photo of a player, a white border and a black line separating the two.

For card backs, Bowman used a design that looked almost exactly like the ones found in the 1952 Topps set.

Another innovation found in this set is the first use of multi-player cards in the modern era of baseball cards.

Short Prints

The high numbered cards (#113-160) are the scarcest of the set.

Errors And Variations


Interesting facts

Bowman increased the size of the cards in their 1953 baseball set to 2½″ by 3¾″, more in line with the popular 1952 Topps set. This was also the first Bowman set to include player stats on the back (like Topps). First use of multi-player cards in the modern era of baseball cards. High numbers are more difficult to find, especially in high grade High numbered cards often are poorly centered 113-128 are very tough to find

Color Cubs Checklist

Number Player
7 Harry Chiti RC
30 Phil Cavarretta
42 Tommy Brown
48 Hank Sauer
71 Paul Minner
94 Bob Addis
110 Bob Rush
112 Toby Atwell
122 Bill Serena
144 Warren Hacker
154 Turk Lown

Black and White Cubs Checklist

Number Player
5  Dee Fondy
12 Randy Jackson
37 Hal Jeffcoat
41 Bob Ramazzotti
50 Dutch Leonard
56 Roy Smalley

Black and White

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