Monday, August 3, 2009

1914 & 1915 Cracker Jack

This week we will look at the 1914 + 1915 Cracker Jack baseball.

 These 2 sets are among the most rare and valuable collector cards on the market

The 1914 and 1915 Cracker Jack cards are significant in several ways, they are the only cards which feature players from the short-lived Federal League.

The two sets appear very similar and in fact have numerous near duplicate cards. An easy way to distinguish the sets is to look at the backs for the 1915 set, the advertising was printed upside-down in relation to the card front.

1914 series refers to a complete set of 144 while the 1915 series refer to a set of 176. While all of these cards are difficult to obtain in decent condition, the 1915 cards are slightly easier to find because in addition to being available in the Cracker Jack boxes, people could order the full set by mail.

The American Card Catalog designation for this set is E145-2

Chicago Cubs Checklist

17a Roger Bresnahan
17b Roger Bresnahan
21 Heinie Zimmerman
41 Tommy Leach
64 Jimmy Archer
89 Larry Cheney
101 Frank Schulte
104 Vic Saier
105 Jimmy Lavender

Chicago Cubs Checklist

17 Roger Bresnahan
21 Heinie Zimmerman
41 Tommy Leach
64 Jimmy Archer
89 Lawrence Cheney
101 Frank Schulte
104 Vic Saier
105 James Lavender
176 Hippo Vaughn

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