Friday, December 3, 2010

Ron Santo (1940-2010)

Ron Santo, the former Chicago Cubs third baseman who went on to become a broadcaster for the Cubs, died at the age of 70.

“He absolutely loved the Cubs,” Pat Hughes, Santo’s broadcast partner, told the Chicago Tribune. “The Cubs have lost their biggest fan.”

Santo played for the Cubs from 1960 through 1973. A nine-time All-Star, he batted .277 over his 15-year career with 342 home runs and 1,331 runs batted in, and won five Gold Glove Awards for defense.

There was never any doubt that Ron Santo was anything but a lifelong Cubby. Probably the most deserving player who is not in the Hall of Fame

Ron always had a great smile (just look at his Topps baseball cards this is a ball player who loved the game) and loved his job as a radio broadcaster for WGN he will be greatly missed.

RIP Ron. You are a Hall of Famer to me and plenty others.

Monday, November 8, 2010

1955 Topps

1955 issue is almost identical to the '54 issue with the player portraits and action shots, but you will also notice that this year Topps used a horizontal layout (instead of the standard verticle orientation) for the very first time. Unlike the '54 set, both the full length action shot and the player portrait are in full color, and with the bright and cheery backgrounds, this is one of Topps' most vibrant sets ever produced. Topps once again used a fascimile autograph on the front of the card, along with artfully drawn team logos. This was the first year Topps had subsets, and in 1955 two can be found 1955 Topps Double Header (66 cards), and 1955 Topps Test Stamps (21 cards).

Number of Cards

At 206 cards, this set remains the smallest of the regular Topps issues.

Size of Cards

The horizontal 1955 Topps cards measure the same 3 ¾ by 2 5/8" that was now the standard for the company. This size would last until 1957 when the cards became slightly smaller.

Basic Features

Topps changed their style in 1955 and issued a horizontal card. A colorful background, full figure pose and the giant portrait make for an attractive set. The fronts are similar to the 54 set using a lot of the same images. The cards feature colorful team logos and facsimile autographs.

The back has biographical information and single season and career stats (either major or minor league). Cartoon trivia boxes or game information add to the fun. Because of the competition with Bowman the 1955 Topps baseball card set is missing 4 cards. The original players slated for those cards signed exclusive contracts with Bowman. The set consists of 206 baseball cards numbered 1-210.

Cards not issued are: 175, 186, 203 and 209.

Series I: 1-160
Series II: 161-210 (scarce)


6 Stan Hack
52 Bill Tremel
68 Jim Davis
179 Jim Bolger
196 Gale Wade

DP - Double Print (a card that was printed in double the quantity compared to the other cards in the same series)

172 Frank Baumholtz DP
184 Harry Perkowski DP

Chicago Cubs Checklist

Number Player
6 Stan Hack MG RC
28 Ernie Banks
45 Hank Sauer
52 Bill Tremel RC
68 Jim Davis RC
76 Howie Pollet
93 Steve Bilko
129 Elvin Tappe
172 Frank Baumholtz DP
179 Jim Bolger RC
184 Harry Perkowski DP
196 Gale Wade RC

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

1948-49 Leaf

This set was the first color baseball cards of the post World War II era and consisted of 8 cub players. This is a difficult set to complete, mainly due to the fact thereare many short print cards (the term short print means those particular cards were produced in significantly less numbers then the other) also there is a variation on card 136 (long sleeve or short sleeve).

Cubs SP cards are
33 Peanuts Lowrey SP
48 Johnny Schmitz SP
160 Bob Scheffing SP
168 Phil Cavarretta SP

Cubs Variations cards are
136A Cliff Aberson Long sleeve
136B Cliff Aberson Short sleeve

Rookies cards are
125 Andy Pafko

Chicago Cubs

33-Peanuts Lowrey $600.00

48-Johnny Schmitz $600.00

57-Bob McCall $80.00

77-Roy Smalley $175.00

125-Pafko $175.00

136a-Cliff Aberson long sleeve $85.00

136b-Cliff Aberson short sleeve $85.00

160-Bob Scheffing $600.00

168-Phil Cavarretta $600.00