Monday, September 12, 2011

1963 Topps reverse side

1963 Topps decreased to 576, this is one of the most popular sets of the decade. The card fronts feature a large color player photograph with a smaller black and white portrait located inside a circle at the bottom of the card. The players name, team and position are also located along the bottom in a color box. The backs of the '63's are done in Gold ink which stands out in contrast to the white background and black lettering. In a vast improvement over the '62's, complete career statistics are listed instead of just the preceding year's numbers. Best of all, the kids of that day were treated to a cartoon on most cards. The artwork is superb and large enough to show a detailed illustration that uses tongue-in-cheek humor to give quirky information about the player pictured on the front. Specialty cards include World Series (WS) highlights, Statistical Leaders (LL) and Rookies.

Very little about card backs are ever discussed, but the reverse side can be very interesting. They complete a picture by providing information that people might not know. A wealth of info. Fun, funny and useful facts with trivia about all aspects of baseball. The cartoons on the back appealed to kids and adults alike. Some included quizzes about baseball history or baseball rules.

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