Monday, July 18, 2011

1955 Bowman

Number of Cards

The 1955 Bowman Baseball card set consisted of 320 cards

Size of Cards

The cards measured 2½ by 3¾ inches.

Basic Features

This final set produced by Bowman in 1955-featured fronts with color photographs of players inside TV’s.
Most collectors don’t know that this set was printed by Topps.
The backs are numbered and have bios and stats on the player
Numbers 1-64 have a tan wood grain border
Numbers 65-320 have a dark wood grain border
These cards are commonly found with length variations due to the cutting techniques used.

Short Prints

High numbered cards 225-320 are scarcer.

Number Player
7 Gene Baker RC
8 Warren Hacker
52 Hal Rice
87 Randy Jackson
88 Steve Bilko
137 Bob Talbot
181 Eddie Miksis
182 Bob Rush
223 Hal Jeffcoat
224 Dee Fondy
227 Frank Baumholtz
229 Jim Brosnan RC
242 Ernie Banks
247 Dutch Leonard CO
273 Bubba Church
280 Clyde McCullough
304 Harry Chiti

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