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1951 Bowman one of the most valuable and collectible sets

Number of Cards

The 1951 Bowman set included 324 cards featuring 19 Cubs players.

Size of Cards

These old cards measure 2-1/16" by 3-1/8."

Basic Features

The cards are color art reproductions of real photos, and many of the fronts are just enlargements of the 1950 set. The 243–324 card numbers are rare since they were printed in smaller quantities. Among all sets of Bowmans, the 1951 set is one of the most precious and collectible. This is a result of the excellent ballplayers on the set, not the excellent design.

The player's name is printed in white within a darkened text box that surrounds a white border on the card fronts. The backs of Bowman Baseball cards are a little more involved, with a short bio, several lines of basic stats and information, and a sizable advertisement for "Baseball Picture Cards" at the bottom. It also includes the card number. The player's name is also highlighted in red, so it stands out from the rest of the lettering on the back.

The 1951 Bowman Baseball Cards were believed to have been printed in seven series. As in the previous year, the printing would be contracted to the Zabel Brothers Co., Inc., at 5th and Columbia Avenues in Philadelphia.

Prices reflect value in Near Mint condition
Near Mint (NM): At first glance, the card appears perfect; upon closer examination, however, a minor flaw will be discovered. On well-centered cards, three of the four corners must be perfectly sharp. Yellowing or fading turn an otherwise mint card into NM.

The first series (1-36) came out about mid-April and contained olny one cub player

22 Hank Sauer $40

The 2nd series (37-72) came out around the end of April

44 Roy Smalley $30
69 Johnny Schmitz $30
70 Ron Northey $30

The 3rd series (73-108) came out around the middle of May.

102 Dutch Leonard $30
103 Andy Pafko $50

The 4th series (109-180) came out at the end of May and contained 72 cards.

138 Phil Cavarretta $40
139 Doyle Lade $30
174 Mickey Owen $30
175 Wayne Terwilliger $30

The 5th series (181-216) came out mid June.

211 Hal Jeffcoat RC $30
212 Bob Rush $30

The 6th series (217-252) came out at the end of June.

246 Bill Serena $30
247 Bob Ramazzotti RC $30
248 Johnny Klippstein RC $30

The final 7th series (253-324) was the second and last 72 card issue series. It appears to have come out around the second or third week of July and is the high series which carries a premium.

282 Frankie Frisch MG $125
283 Walt Dubiel RC $75
317 Smoky Burgess RC $125
318 Warren Hacker RC $75

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