Tuesday, April 10, 2012

1934 Goudey Cubs team set

The 1934 Goudey set is only about one-third the size of the previous year.

The cards in this 96-card color set measure approximately 2 3/8" by 2 7/8" and the high numbers cards were issued in significantly lower quantities and are quite difficult to obtain.

Of the 96 cards, 84 contain a "Lou Gehrig Says" line on the front in a blue design, while 12 of the high series (80-91) contain a "Chuck Klein Says" line in a red design. These Chuck Klein cards are indicated in the checklist below by CK.


1934 Goudey #3 Charlie Grimm
1934 Goudey #4 Woody English
1934 Goudey #10 Chuck Klein
1934 Goudey #60 Lynn Nelson RC
1934 Goudey #71 Lyle Tinning RC
1934 Goudey #90 KiKi Cuyler CK

With the price of old vintage baseball cards skyrocketing, so to are the vast amount of counterfeiters out there these reprints provide a real alternative for those who are attracted to vintage cards, but can't afford them. The reprints have "Reprints 1985" printed on the center on the back of the card.

As you can see they look almost the same but about a hundred times cheaper

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