Sunday, April 29, 2012

1916 Sporting News M101-5 series Chicago Cubs

This 200-card set measure approximately 1 5/8 by 3". The 1916 M101-5 series of black and white glossy numbered baseball cards is very similar in style to M101-4. The set was offered as a marketing promotion by C.C. Spink and Son, publishers of The Sporting News. Most of the players in this set also appear in the M101-4 set.

M101-4 Mordecai Brown

M101-5 Mordecai Brown the same photo except the number is different

Note there are a lot of fakes out there so be careful when buying

1916 Sporting News set comes with several different sponsor ads on back.

1916 M101-5 Blank Backs
1916 M101-5 Block and Kuhl Backs
1916 M101-5 Famous and Barr Backs
1916 M101-5 Gimbels Backs
1916 M101-5 Herpolsheimer Backs
1916 M101-5 Holmes to Homes Backs
1916 M101-5 Morehouse Baking Backs
1916 M101-5 Standard Biscuit Backs
1916 M101-5 Successful Farming Backs

Cubs Checklist

6 Jimmy Archer
16 Roger Bresnahan
23 Mordecai Brown
28 Frank Chance
51 Mike Doolan
58 Bill Fischer
60 Max Flack
77 Claude Hendrix
98 Jimmy Lavender
108 Leslie Mann
128 John Murray
138 Geo. Pierce (Pearce)
152 Vic Saier
158 Frank Schulte
161 Tom Seaton
177 Joe Tinker
180 Jim Vaughn
191 Fred Williams
197 Steve Yerkes
198 Rollie Zeider
199 Heiny Zimmerman
200 Ed. Zwilling

There is one M101-4 card in there can you spot it!

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