Saturday, January 21, 2012

1909 T204 Ramly Chicago Cubs

T204's (or, "Ramlys") were issued in 1909 by the Mentor Co. of Boston with their Ramly and T.T.T. Turkish cigarettes. The cards in this 121-card set measure approximately 2" by 2 1/2". This set is one of the most distinguished ever produced, containing ornate gold borders around a black and white portrait of each player. There are spelling errors, and two distinct backs, "Ramly" and "TTT", are known.

Ramily back

T.T.T. Brand
T204's can also be found with a T.T.T. advertising back. Copies of these cards are much scarcer than those with the Ramly back.

Square Bordered cards
There are 6 blank-backed square-bordered Ramly cards in addition to the regular set. only one cub

Some T204's also exist with blank backs (they're actually printing mistakes). These are also scarce, but the prices are usually not much higher than for other T204's.

Cubs Checklist:
Jimmy Archer
Mordecai Brown
Frank Chance
Andrew Coakley
Johnny Evers
George Howard
Pat Moran
Jack Pfeister
Ed Ruelbach
Jimmy Schekard
Wildfire Schulte
Harry Stienfeldt (Steinfeldt)
Joe Tinker

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