Monday, July 25, 2011

1954 Bowman

Number of Cards

The 1954 Bowman card set had 224 cards, of which there are 14 Cubs cards.

Size of Cards

1954 Bowman is the same size as 1953 and 1955 Bowman.2 1/2" x 3 3/4"

Basic Features

The set is dominated by color portraits and on the back Bowman added a trivia question across the bottom of each card, as had been done with the 1953 Topps set. The answer to the question ran just below the player’s statistics.

Interesting facts

After the 1953 season, the St. Louis Browns moved to Baltimore, and Bowman's artists had no idea what the Orioles uniform would look like. So they simply made the uniforms up.

Due to a contract squabble, the Ted Williams card #66 was replaced with a Jimmy Piersall card. The Ted Williams 1954 Bowman is one of the most sought after scarcities of the post war era of baseball cards.

Errors and Variations

The set also has around 4 variations, mostly in regards to the statistics on the backs. None of the variations carry a premium value.

61A Eddie Miksis (.954/.962 field avg.)
61A Eddie Miksis (.954/.961 field avg.)

93A Bill Serena (field avg. - .983/.966)
93B. Bill Serena ( field avg. - .977/.966)

To prevent purchasing a false piece of history, always get a professionally graded card from a recognized provider. In the future, graded cards will be significantly more valuable.

Chicago Cubs 1954 Bowman Checklist

Number Player
13 Paul Minner
29 Johnny Klippstein
45 Ralph Kiner
61A Miksis/.954/.962 Fielding
61B Miksis/.954/.961 Fielding
77 Bob Rush
93A Serena/.983/.966 Fielding
93B Serena/.977/.966 Fielding
109 Roy Smalley
125 Warren Hacker
141 Joe Garagiola
157 Turk Lown
173 Dee Fondy
189 Randy Jackson
205 Hal Jeffcoat
221 Frank Baumholtz

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