Monday, January 14, 2013

2013 Topps Allen & Ginter’s Base Checklist Cubs

Estimated Release Date: 7/15/13

The base set will feature 350 subjects and the last 50 cards will be short-printed. Considered to be the best baseball product of 2006, and winner of Beckett Baseball's Product of the Year for 2006, packs of Topps' first Allen and Ginter set were a huge hit. Now 8 years later this Award-winning set has the most exciting list in its history! Check out the Cubs below including first  time Allen and Ginter Billy Williams.
Note no card numbers yet and Ron Santo has never been in this set.

Chicago Cubs 2013 Checklist

Ernie Banks
Starlin Castro
Andre Dawson
Matt Garza
Fergie Jenkins
Anthony Rizzo
Jeff Samardzija
Ryne Sandberg
Alfonso Soriano
Billy Williams

From 2006 though 2012 Allen and Ginter Cubs cards have been a great addition to any Cubs collection, check out mine and the different base checklist.

Chicago Cubs 2006 Checklist

13 Juan Pierre
115 Greg Maddux SP
156 Derrek Lee SP
194 Carlos Zambrano
196 Mark Prior
230 Aramis Ramirez
243 Kerry Wood
286 Ernie Banks
293 Dusty Baker MG

Chicago Cubs 2007 Checklist

6 Matt Murton
45 Carlos Zambrano
121 Aramis Ramirez
159 Michael Barrett SP
166 Derrek Lee
180 Alfonso Soriano
193 Rich Hill SP
213 Lou Piniella
288 Ted Lilly
346 Jacque Jones

Chicago Cubs 2008 Checklist

25 Aramis Ramirez
96 Carlos Zambrano
118 Geovany Soto
160 Alfonso Soriano
226 Rich Hill
289 Derrek Lee
301 Felix Pie SP

Chicago Cubs 2009 Checklist

9 Ryan Theriot
34 Ryan Dempster
35 Geovany Soto
45 Derrek Lee
95 David Patton RC
141 Carlos Zambrano
146 Rich Harden
175 Alfonso Soriano
255 Aramis Ramirez
309 Kosuke Fukudome SP
331 Jeff Samardzija SP
NP4 Geovany Soto
NP5 Ryan Dempster
NP29 Alfonso Soriano
NP32 Rich Harden
NP54 Carlos Zambrano
NP55 Kosuke Fukudome

Chicago Cubs 2010 Checklist

88 Kosuke Fukudome
91 Carlos Zambrano
160 Derrek Lee
181 Tyler Colvin RC
202 Aramis Ramirez
246 Geovany Soto
249 Alfonso Soriano
258 Ryan Dempster
346 Ryan Theriot SP
TDH3 Aramis Ramirez
TDH33 Kosuke Fukudome
TDH54 Derrek Lee
TDH63 Alfonso Soriano

Chicago Cubs 2011 Checklist

62 Alfonso Soriano
66 Starlin Castro
122 Ryan Dempster
138 Matt Garza
143 Carlos Zambrano
156 Marlon Byrd
166 Geovany Soto
168 Carlos Marmol
207 Kosuke Fukudome
212 Aramis Ramirez
261 Carlos Pena

Chicago Cubs 2012 Checklist

94 Geovany Soto
183 Darwin Barney
185 Starlin Castro
221 Carlos Marmol
242 Alfonso Soriano
270 Anthony Rizzo
275 Kerry Wood
342 Ryan Dempster SP
347 Matt Garza SP

Next time will look at the different autographs and memorabilia. In my opinion that's what this set is all about and there’s a lot of them over the last 7 years.

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