Wednesday, July 29, 2009

1909-11 T206 Chicago Cubs

These cards are unnumbered and measure 1-7/16 x 2-5/8 . The T206 is the largest and most popular MLB set of it's time with 525 different card fronts which 36 are cubbies. These cards have color lithograph images of players with a white border. The players name and team are printed along the bottom margin in brown ink. There are sixteen different American Tobacco Co. brands used in ads on the backs of these cards with Piedmont and Sweet Caporal are the most common.

American Beauty - more thinly cut than other brands due to the narrower size of the cigarette packs
Carolina Brights
El Principe De Gales
Hindu - Found in both brown ink and red ink (rare)
Lenox - Found in both brown ink and black ink
Old Mill
Polar Bear - Only brand that is not cigarettes; Polar Bear was loose tobacco, also known as scrap tobacco
Sweet Caporal
Ty Cobb
How To Spot Counterfeit T206 Baseball Cards

The way you can tell the difference between a fake T206 card and a real one is as follows:

1) Fake T206 card have the same size team and player names on them. Real T206 cards have the players name as larger print then the team name printed on the card.

You should bye authenticated cards from the following: BVG, PSA, GAI or SGC

Mordecai Brown Portrait
Mordecai Brown CUBS Shirt
Mordecai Brown CHICAGO Shirt
George Browne
Frank Chance Batting
Frank Chance Red Portrait
Frank Chance Yellow Portrait
Johnny Evers Batting with Yellow Background
Johnny Evers Portrait
Johnny Evers Batting with Blue Background
Solly Hofman
Del Howard
Johnny Kling
Rube Kroh
Carl Lundren
Pat Moran
Thomas Needham
Orval Overall Portrait
Orval Overall Hands at waist level
Orval Overall Hands at face level
Jeff Pfeffer
John Pfiester Portrait
John Pfiester Pitching
Ed Reulbach Portrait
Ed Reulbach Pitching
Frank Schulte Batting back
Frank Schulte Batting front
James Sheckard Throwing
James Sheckard Portrait
Harry Steinfeldt Portrait
Harry Steinfeldt Batting
Joe Tinker Portrait
Joe Tinker Bat off Sholulder
Joe Tinker Hands on knee
Joe Tinker Bat on Shoulder
Heinie Zimmerman

Mordecai Brown-Portrait

Mordecai Brown-CHICAGO Shirt

Mordecai Brown-CUBS Shirt

George Browne

Frank Chance-Red Portrait

Frank Chance-Yellow Portrait

Frank Chance-Batting

Johnny Evers-Portrait

Johnny Evers-Batting with Yellow Background

Johnny Evers-Batting with Blue Background

Solly Hofman

Del Howard

Johnny Kling

Rube Kroh

Carl Lundren

Pat Moran

Thomas Needham

Orval Overall-Portrait

Orval Overall-Hands at face level

Orval Overall-Hands at waist level

Francis Pfeffer

Jack Pfiester-Portrait

Jack Pfiester-Pitching

Ed Reulbach-Portrait

Ed Reulbach-Pitching

Frank Schulte-Batting back

Frank Schulte-Batting front

James Sheckard-Portrait

James Sheckard-Throwing

Harry Steinfeldt-Portrait

Harry Steinfeldt-Batting

Joe Tinker-Portrait

Joe Tinker-Hands on knee

Joe Tinker-Bat off Sholulder

Joe Tinker-Bat on Shoulder

Heinie Zimmerman


Monday, July 27, 2009

1911 T205 Chicago Cubs

These cards are unnumbered and measure 1-7/16 x 2-5/8 inches. The cards feature a player image surrounded by gold borders.

The backs contain brief player data and a cigarette brand ad. Some of the same brands of cigarettes, like Piedmont and Sweet Corporal, are the most common. Brands like Drum and Hinu are the rarest. Other brands include Polar Bear, American Beauty, Broadleaf, Cycle, and Sovereign.

Chicago Cubs Checklist

Archer, Jimmy
Brown, Mordecai
Chance, Frank
Evers, Johnny
Foxen, Bill
Graham, Peaches
Kling, Johnny
Kroh, Rube
McIntyre, Harry
Needham, Tom
Overall, Orval
Pfeister, John
Reulbach, Ed
Richie, Lewis
Schulte, Wildfire
Shean, David
Sheckard, James
Steinfeldt, Harry
Tinker, Joe