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1957 Topps

Number of Cards

1957 Topps set had 407 cards, with 25 Cubs players and 1 varation

Size of Cards

The size of the cards are standard-size 2 ½ x 3 ½

Basic Features

The current standard card measurements of 2-1/2 by 3-1/2 inches were first used in the 1957 Topps baseball card set. For the first time, full color photography of the players was used in the card design instead of colorized player graphics. The set was also the first to include a player's career-spanning statistics on the back of the card.

The player's name, position, and team are stated at the bottom of the card in a small, straightforward font in a variety of colors, next to the player's full-color image. Even with the addition of entire career data on the card back, Topps still found space for additional aspects that collectors were accustomed to seeing. A one-panel trivia animation, a description, and biographical information are all included in an educational cartoon.

Subsets include

  • multi-player cards

Released in 5 series

  • series 1 (1-88)
  • series 2 (89-176)
  • series 3 (177-264)
  • series 4 (265-352) is slightly more difficult and expensive to collect.
  • series 5 (353-407)

Errors & Variations

  • #176 – Gene Baker
  • A- EUGENE W. BAKEP on back
  • B- Correct name on back

To prevent purchasing a false piece of history, always get a professionally graded card from a recognized provider. In the future, graded cards will be significantly more valuable.

Chicago Cubs 1957 Topps Checklist

Number Player
16 Walt Moryn
42 Dee Fondy
55 Ernie Banks
74 Vito Valentinetti RC
84 Moe Drabowsky RC
134 Don Kaiser
137 Bob Rush
155 Jim Brosnan
159 Solly Drake RC
176A Gene Baker ERR
176B Gene Baker COR
183 Chicago Cubs TC
186 Jim King
218 Ray Jablonski
235 Tom Poholsky
247 Turk Lown
255 Charlie Silvera
268 Jack Collum
289 Jim Bolger DP
339 Bob Speake
346 Dick Littlefield
351 Dave Hillman RC
353 Cal Neeman RC
371 Bob Lennon
378 Elmer Singleton
396 Casey Wise RC

topps1957-16a topps1957-16B
topps1957-42a topps1957-42B
topps1957-55a topps1957-55B
topps1957-74a topps1957-74B
topps1957-84a topps1957-84B
topps1957-134a topps1957-134B
topps1957-137a topps1957-137B
topps1957-155a topps1957-155B
topps1957-159a topps1957-159B
topps1957-176B topps1957-176Bv
topps1957-183a topps1957-183B
topps1957-186a topps1957-186B
topps1957-218a topps1957-218B
topps1957-247a topps1957-247B
topps1957-255a topps1957-255B
topps1957-268a topps1957-268B
topps1957-289a topps1957-289B
topps1957-339a topps1957-339B
topps1957-346a topps1957-346B
topps1957-351a topps1957-351B
topps1957-353a topps1957-353B
topps1957-371a topps1957-371B
topps1957-378a topps1957-378B
topps1957-396a topps1957-396B