Friday, September 30, 2011

2004 Heritage-in honor of the very popular 1955 Topps set

Since its inception in 2001, the annual Topps Heritage baseball set has been one of the most popular releases of the year among set collectors

2004 Heritage set includes 475 base cards. This set feature a horizontal design, patterned after the original 1955 Topps baseball set. SP's or "short prints" are base cards that were printed in less quantity than the other base cards, causing them to be more difficult to find. There are 100 different "short printed" cards


Common Player: .40
Common SP (398-475): $4

92 Matt Creighton/SP RC $6
182 Moises Alou/SP/Old Logo $6
408 Hee Seop Choi SP $4
411 Ryan Harvey SP $4
439 Mark Prior SP $5
453 Kerry Wood SP $4


There are 3 different chrome sets that are parallel to the base set. Topps introduced "Black Chrome Refractors" in 2004. Each Chrome set is made up of 110 different cards:

Chrome Common Player: $1 Production 1,955 Sets
Refractor: $2 Production 555 Sets
Black Refractor: $4 Production 55 Sets

THC1 Sammy Sosa $8
THC23 -Kerry Wood $1
THC40 -Mark Prior $8
THC65 -Matt Creighton $1
THC96 -Ricky Nolasco $1

Real One Autographs:

There are 34 different "Real One" signature/autograph cards that come in either blue or red ink. The red ink being hand-numbered to 55 and blue ink autograph card are 200.

Common Autograph: $30 Inserted 1:230
Red Autograph: $60 Production 55
RO-EB Ernie Banks $100

Clubhouse Collection Relics Autographs:

Autographs Inserted 15,186
Each card limited and hand numbered to only 25
CCRA-EB Ernie Banks

Clubhouse Collection Relic(non-autographed) :

SS Sammy Sosa $15

KW Kerry Wood $10

Heritage Double Header :

This set contains 15 cards, each picturing two players (one on front and one on back). These were inserted as "box toppers" in hobby boxes of 2004 Topps Heritage. The "Double Header" set is patterned after the original 1955 Topps Double Header set.

5 Sammy Sosa $4
17 Mark Prior $4

Then and Now:

Inserted 1:15

TN6 Herb Score/Kerry Wood $1

New Age Performers:

NAP7 Mark Prior $3
NAP9 Sammy Sosa .75 cents

Chicago Cubs Checklist

Number Player
23 Kenny Lofton
43 Joe Borowski
61 Matt Clement
92 Matt Creighton SP RC
121 Kyle Farnsworth
138 Mark Grudzielanek
140 Corey Patterson
144 Ricky Nolasco RC
181 Alex Gonzalez
182 Moises Alou New Logo
182 Moises Alou Old Logo SP
191 Dusty Baker MGR
259 Damian Miller
291 Tony Womack
297 Carlos Zambrano
298 Randall Simon
324 Mike Remlinger
343 Felix Pie
354 Derrek Lee
372 Eric Karros
408 Hee Seop Choi SP
411 Ryan Harvey SP
439 Mark Prior SP
453 Kerry Wood SP