Monday, August 27, 2012

1911 Pinkerton T5 Chicago Cubs Checklist

This Cabinet card set (T5)meaning a player photograph is affixed to a cardboard backing. Size  consists of a 4" x 5-7/8", blank-backed photograph attached to a thin-cardboard mount (5" x 7-1/2") The set was produced by the Pinkerton Tobacco Company and could be obtained by sending in a certain number of coupons from Pinkerton tobacco products. These cards are hard to come buy and are very expensive between 1 and 2 thousand

1911 Pinkerton T5 #201 John Evers
1911 Pinkerton T5 #202 Mordecai Brown
1911 Pinkerton T5 #203 King Cole
1911 Pinkerton T5 #204 Johnny Cane
1911 Pinkerton T5 #205 Heinie Zimmerman
1911 Pinkerton T5 #206 Frank Schulte
1911 Pinkerton T5 #207 Frank Chance
1911 Pinkerton T5 #208 Joe Tinker
1911 Pinkerton T5 #209 Orvall Overall
1911 Pinkerton T5 #210 Jimmy Archer
1911 Pinkerton T5 #211 Johnny Kling
1911 Pinkerton T5 #212 James Sheckard
1911 Pinkerton T5 #213 Harry McIntyre
1911 Pinkerton T5 #214 Lew Richie
1911 Pinkerton T5 #215 Ed Ruelbach
1911 Pinkerton T5 #216 Artie Hoffman
1911 Pinkerton T5 #217 Jack Pfiester
1911 Pinkerton T5 #218 Harry Steinfeldt

Thursday, August 23, 2012

T213 Coupon Cigarettes Cubs checklist

The tobacco card sets known as T213 were issued between 1910 and 1919 were distributed exclusively in the Louisiana area. The series is also known by the name of the tobacco manufacturer whose advertisements appear on the backs of the cards, "Coupon Cigarettes." The T213-1 (or Type 1) set consists of 68 cards. Using the images from the T206 set, the cards depict players from the National, American and Southern Leagues. The cards measure 1-7/16" x 2-5/8".

Type I 1910 cards are easily identifiable by their backs which read “Coupon (Mild) Cigarettes” and consists of 68 cards. 

Type II 1914 are easily identified by their backs where “20 for 5¢” is printed There are 184 cards in the set. 

Type III  1919 cards, on the other hand, have “16 for 10¢” printed on their backs.  There are 69 cards in the set.

Chicago Cubs Checklist

1910 Coupon Cigarettes (Type 1)
Frank Chance
Johnny Evers 

1914 Coupon Cigarettes (Type 2)
Bill Sweeney
Heinie Zimmerman
Joe Tinker. Bat off Shoulder
Joe Tinker. Bat on Shoulder
Mickey Doolan Batting
Mickey Doolan Fielding
Mordecai Brown
Red Murray
Roger Bresnahan
Tom Needham
Tommy Leach
Wildfire Schulte
1919 Coupon Cigarettes (Type 3)
Dode Paskert
Fred Merkle
Joe Tinker
Mordecai Brown

Tennessee Vacation

Dale Hollow fishing was great the weather turned a bit nasty day 2 but we survived. This wild Billy goat was super friendly, love to eat, if you ever get a chance to go don’t hesitate.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

1910 E286 Ju-Ju Drums Gum

Going fishing on Dale Hollow Lake for a week this will be the last post for a few days.

Ju-Ju Drums, designated as E286 in the American Card Catalog, is an extremely rare set of circular baseball cards similar in design to Colgan Chips Stars of the Diamond.

These round cards are about the size of a silver dollar. They were issued by Ju Ju Drums gum. The set can be dated to 1910 by the inclusion of Elmer Zacher who had his only major league season that year. These cards are unnumbered and we have sequenced them in alphabetical order.

 1910 Ju Ju Drums - Chicago Cubs

 Frank Chance   
 King Cole   
 Tom Needham   
 Ed Reulbach

Sunday, August 12, 2012

1910-E96 Philadelphia Caramel Chicago Cubs

These cards were issued in 1910 by Philadelphia Caramel Co. in Camden, New Jersey. These cards were distributed with caramel candy and feature the star baseball players of the day. Cards measure: 1-1/2" X 2-5/8" and have red printed backs that contains check list.

Chicago Cubs Checklist

Mordecai Brown $500
Johnny Kling $150
Jack Pfeister $300
Joe Tinker $500

Saturday, August 11, 2012

2005 Playoff Prestige Stars of MLB Kerry Wood

2005 Playoff Prestige were produced by Donruss. This would be the final year of Playoff Prestige for baseball as Donruss lost their license in 2006. There were many insert sets this is just one and it was named Stars of the MLB which include the following Kerry Wood cards.

Chicago Cubs Checklist

2005 Playoff Prestige Stars of MLB #8 Kerry Wood 
2005 Playoff Prestige Stars of MLB Signature Material Jersey Prime #8 Kerry Wood/5 
2005 Playoff Prestige Stars of MLB Holo-Foil #8 Kerry Wood/25
2005 Playoff Prestige Stars of MLB Material Jersey Prime #8 Kerry Wood/25 
2005 Playoff Prestige Stars of MLB Signature Material Bat #8 Kerry Wood/25 
2005 Playoff Prestige Stars of MLB Signature Material Jersey #8 Kerry Wood/25 
2005 Playoff Prestige Stars of MLB Foil #8 Kerry Wood/100  
2005 Playoff Prestige Stars of MLB Material Bat #8 Kerry Wood/100 
2005 Playoff Prestige Stars of MLB Material Jersey #8 Kerry Wood/100

Friday, August 10, 2012

1929 World Series Program

The Chicago Cubs captured the National League pennant in 1929, going 98-54 but later losing to the Philadelphia Athletics in the World Series four games to one. Here is the Wrigley Field variety of the 1929 World Series program. Measuring 6" x 9" and has a unique and beautiful Art Deco design with decorative binding tassel.

The covers and pages below are considered one of the most beautiful programs ever.

A framed 1929 composite photograph of "Our Cubs," including notables Rogers Hornsby, Hack Wilson, Gabby Hartnett and Kiki Cuyler

Assorted pins from the 29 World Series

The 1929 Cubs had their own version of Murderers Row in Rogers Hornsby, Hack Wilson, Kiki Cuyler and Riggs Stephenson.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

1972 Chi-Foursome

These 11" by 14" drawings feature Chicago Cubs players. The attractive color drawings also have a facimilie signature. The backs are blank.

 Eight players from the Cubs and seven from the White Sox made up a complete set.

These were to be released for sale at local gas stations and grocery stores but never made it that far. They were sold at baseball games instead.