Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cubs Hall of Famers true rookie cards

Classification of early baseball card sets is based on the categories found in the American Card Catalog (ACC). Although the scope of the ACC includes a wide range of cards featuring non-baseball subjects, the following categories are limited to only those that include baseball card sets.

B "Blankets" and cloth-like cards
C Canadian tobacco (Imperial Tobacco, C46, is the only baseball set)
D Bakery sets.
E Early gum and candy cards; "E" cards fall primarily into two time periods: 1909-1915 (designated here as Group "E1") and 1920-1927 (Group "E2")
F "Food" cards. Includes cards used to promote a wide range of foods ranging from breakfast cereals to ice cream
H Clothing and sporting goods manufacturers and retailers
M Inserts and promotions for magazines and newspapers
N Nineteenth century cards
P Pins (includes PD "bakery button inserts;" PE "button inserts with early candy or gum;" PM "miscellaneous inserts" as defined in the Sports Collectors Bible; PR "button inserts with recent candy and gum;" and PX "other novelties of plastic, metal, etc.")
PC Postcards
R Candy, gum and some other cards of the 1930's and 1940's (beginning in 1928; generally, these are a continuation of the "E2" cards)
S Stamps and "silks"
T 20th century tobacco cards; a one digit number, such as T3, indicates an oversized premium or cabinet card. The baseball tobacco card era spanned a seven year period--from 1909 to 1915. One set from 1919 (Coupon Cigarettes T213-3) and several 1950s Redman tobacco sets (T232-T235) are also listed in the ACC as baseball "T" cards.
V Canadian candy and gum cards. Roughly, the Canadian equivalent of some of the American "E" and "R" cards
W Miscellaneous section (mostly, whatever doesn't fit above). "W" cards include anonymous issues, cards from games, strip cards, and a long series of sets produced by the Exhibit Supply Company of Chicago.
WG Game Cards

Pete Alexander--1918-1926 Rookie Card 1911 M101-2 Sporting News

Cap Anson--1876-1897 Rookie Card 1887-90 N172 Old Judge

Ernie Banks--1953-1971 Rookie Card 1954 Topps

Lou Brock 1961-1964--Rookie Card 1962 Topps

Mordecai Brown 1904-1912, 1916--Rookie Card 1904 W600 Sporting Life

Frank Chance 1898-1912--Rookie Card 1899-00 M101-1 Sporting News

John Clarkson 1884-1887--Rookie Card 1887-90 N172 Old Judge

Kiki Cuyler 1928-1935--Rookie Card 1924 M114 Baseball Magazine

Hugh Duffy 1888-1889--Rookie Card 1887-90 N172 Old Judge

Johnny Evers 1902-1913--Rookie Card 1903 W600 Sporting Life

Clark Griffith 1893-1900--Rookie Card 1887-90 N172 Old Judge

Gabby Hartnett 1922-1940--Rookie Card 1922 W573

Billy Herman 1931-1941--Rookie Card 1932 Chicago Team Issue

Fergie Jenkins 1966-1973, 1982-1983--Rookie Card 1966 Topps

King Kelly 1880-1886--Rookie Card 1879-80 N.Y. Clipper Woodcuts

Ryne Sandberg 1982-1997--Rookie Card 1980 TCMA Reading

Joe Tinker 1902-1912, 1916--Rookie Card 1903 W600 Sporting Life

Billy Williams 1959-1974--Rookie Card 1961 Topps #141

Hack Wilson 1926-1931--Rookie Card 1925 W504 Universal Toy

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

1962 Topps

The 1962 Topps baseball card set features 598 cards with a distinctive wood-grain frame. These standard size cards measure 2½" by 3½". The subsets for the 1962 Topps baseball cards are as follows:
  • league leaders (51-60)
  • Babe Ruth series (135-144)
  • World Series highlights (232-237)
  • In Action shots (311-319)
  • All-Stars (466-475) The All-Star selections provided by Sport Magazine
  • Rookie Prospects (591-598)

The set's entire second series (the 87 cards numbered 110 through 196) comes in two different variations, the regular issue and the tougher "green tint" version and a blue-sky background version

second series cub players:

  • 119 Danny Murphy
  • 170 Ron Santo
  • 191 Jim Brewer

first printed and distributed without the proper amount of ink for the photographs; the result has been known ever since as the "Green Tint" series, for the sky and dirt in the backgrounds of some cards are decidedly green, rather than blue or brown. All the photos were somewhat out of focus

The entire series was re-printed and re-distributed, with the photo inks in proper proportion. All remaining photos were re-cropped for the re-printing (e.g., some photos were moved a bit to one side, and others moved up or down), thus giving every card in the series an error card.

Within the last series (523-598) there are 43 cards which were printed in lesser quantities; these are marked SP in the checklist below.

Key Rookies:

  • 387 Lou Brock
  • 461 Ken Hubbs

Other Rookies:

  • 66 Cuno Barragan
  • 89 Barney Schultz
  • 309 Moe Morhardt

Short Prints:

  • 546 Moe Thacker SP
  • 552 Chicago Cubs Team SP
  • 557 Bob Anderson SP
  • 585 Glen Hobbie SP

Error cards:

  • 66 Cuno Barragan UER: Name misspelled "Barragon"
  • 458a Bob Buhl- VAR: M on cap
  • 458b Bob Buhl - VAR: plain cap

Chicago Cubs Checklist

Number Player
25 Ernie Banks
47 Bob Will
66 Cuno Barragan RC
89 Barney Schultz RC
119 Danny Murphy
119A Danny Murphy/Green Tint
170 Ron Santo
170A Ron Santo/Green Tint
191 Jim Brewer
191A Jim Brewer/Green Tint
240 George Altman
264 Dick Ellsworth
274 Sammy Taylor
288 Billy Williams
309 Moe Morhardt RC
325 Luis Aparicio
359 Bobby Locke
372 Jack Curtis
387 Lou Brock RC
446 Don Elston
458 Bob Buhl M on Cap
458A Bob Buhl Plain Cap
461 Ken Hubbs RC
477 Andre Rodgers
495 Don Cardwell
546 Moe Thacker SP
552 Chicago Cubs TC
557 Bob Anderson SP
585 Glen Hobbie SP
597 Rookie Parade SP