Wednesday, October 20, 2010

1948-49 Leaf

This set was the first color baseball cards of the post World War II era and consisted of 8 cub players. This is a difficult set to complete, mainly due to the fact thereare many short print cards (the term short print means those particular cards were produced in significantly less numbers then the other) also there is a variation on card 136 (long sleeve or short sleeve).

Cubs SP cards are
33 Peanuts Lowrey SP
48 Johnny Schmitz SP
160 Bob Scheffing SP
168 Phil Cavarretta SP

Cubs Variations cards are
136A Cliff Aberson Long sleeve
136B Cliff Aberson Short sleeve

Rookies cards are
125 Andy Pafko

Chicago Cubs

33-Peanuts Lowrey $600.00

48-Johnny Schmitz $600.00

57-Bob McCall $80.00

77-Roy Smalley $175.00

125-Pafko $175.00

136a-Cliff Aberson long sleeve $85.00

136b-Cliff Aberson short sleeve $85.00

160-Bob Scheffing $600.00

168-Phil Cavarretta $600.00