Sunday, June 26, 2011

1973 Topps

Number of Cards

1973 Topps was scaled back to 660 cards which there are 28 Cubs players plus 1 variation

Card Dimensions

The standard-sized cards are the following dimensions: 2-1/2" by 3-1/2"

Basic Features

1973 Topps 660 cards were a significant decrease from 1972's 787-card release. These cards feature a color portrait and action shots of the player on the front, along with the player's name and team below that. The player's position is indicated just below the silhouette, which is enclosed in a colored circle. 1973 Topps had some of the best backgrounds ever, which makes this a favorite of many to collect. There are some fantastic subsets, but no guys from the Cubs are present.

Inserted in the last series are Blue Team Checklists. The blue-bordered cards are unnumbered and measure 2 12" by 3 12". The fronts have facsimile autographs of the players, while the card backs feature a checklist of the players on the team along with their 1973 Topps card numbers. These checklists are limited and very hard to find.

If you're investing in a Blue Team Checklists, get a graded card from a reputable company to play it safe. One thing to consider is that graded cards keep their value longer and won't be fake.

Pittsburgh's great Roberto Clemente's final card is included in this set.

The backs are in a vertical format for the first time since the 1968 Topps. The backs have a cartoon with triva questions in a yellow and black color scheme along with the usual statistics, biography information, and other information.

Subsets include:

  • Statistical Leaders (LL)
  • All Time Leader cards (AL)
  • World Series Highlights (WS)
  • Playoff Highlights (CS)
  • Managers and Coaches (MC)
  • Boyhood Photos (BP)

Released in 5 series:

  • series 1 (1-132)
  • series 2 (133-264)
  • series 3 (265-396)
  • series 4 (397-528)
  • series 5 (528-660)

Short Prints:

  • Series 5 cards (428-660) are scarce and demand a premium.

Errors + Variations:

  • 81A- Solid background
  • 81B- Natural backgrounds on right in little boxes

Chicago Cubs 1973 Topps Checklist

Number Player
21 Randy Hundley
44 Rick Monday
61 Batting Leaders
70 Milt Pappas
81A Solid backgrounds
81B Natural backgrounds
115 Ron Santo
139 Carmen Fanzone RC
180 Fergie Jenkins
200 Billy Williams
262 Jack Aker
285 Don Kessinger
309 Paul Popovich
328 Bill Bonham
367 Burt Hooton
393 Jose Cardenal
414 Ken Rudolph
426 Dave LaRoche
440 Glenn Beckert
464 Chicago Cubs TC
482 Rick Reuschel RC
501 Larry Gura
527 Dan McGinn
552 J.C. Martin
565 Jim Hickman
580 Joe Pepitone
603 Rookie Third Basemen
605 Rookie First Baseman
645 Bob Locker