Tuesday, January 25, 2011

1964 Topps

Number of Cards

587 cards in the 1964 Topps collection included 29 Cubs players

Size of Cards

The size of the cards are standard-size 2 ½ x 3 ½

Basic Features

The front of these cards contain a large color photograph of the player that blends into the top of the panel where the player's team name can be found. The bottom of the card contains a box with the players' names and positions. The backs were printed in orange on a white background, which makes them hard to read. There are more centering problems on the card backs than any other set, and the orange borders are easily chipped. The backs also contain typical statistics and biographical information, as well as a cartoon quiz that requires rubbing of a white panel to reveal the answer.

To prevent purchasing a false piece of history, always get a professionally graded card from a recognized provider. In the future, graded cards will be significantly more valuable.

Specialty cards include:

  • Statistical Leaders (LL)
  • Multi-player cards (MP)
  • Highlights from the World Series (WS)
  • Rookie cards

7 Series:

  • Series I: 1-109
  • Series II: 110-196
  • Series III: 197-283
  • Series IV: 284-370
  • Series V: 371-446
  • Series VI: 447-522
  • Series VII: 523-587 This series is the rarest and carries a premium.

Chicago Cubs 1964 Topps Checklist

Number Player
1 NL ERA Leaders
29 Lou Brock
55 Ernie Banks
78 Merritt Ranew
96 Bob Buhl
111 Don Elston
131 Steve Boros
175 Billy Williams
192 Rookie Stars
220 Dick Ellsworth
237 Chicago Cubs TC
252 Ken Aspromonte
269 Ellis Burton
286 Don Landrum
309 Paul Toth
336 Andre Rodgers
359 Jim Schaffer
375 Ron Santo
408 Rookie Stars
424 Dick Bertell
444 Larry Jackson
451 Joe Amalfitano
469 Rookie Stars
486 Bob Kennedy MG
510 Lindy McDaniel
548 Rookie Stars
550 Ken Hubbs/In Memoriam
557 Leo Burke
578 Glen Hobbie