Sunday, September 16, 2012

1909-12 PX7 Sweet Caporal Domino Discs

Starting in 1909 by Sweet Caporal Cigarettes, this series came to be known as Domino Discs due to their back design. Though 129 different players are included, hundreds of different front and back combos account for. Card size: 1-1/8 Diameter.  The fronts are player protraits with eaiter a red, blue or green background. Backs have a white donimo printed on the back and are not numbered. The discs are cardboard with a metal rim around the edge.

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  1. Thanks for posting these Cubs checklists. They are a great help in figuring out which Orval Overall cards I still need for my player collection. I'm glad to see I was right about the domino discs, but saddened by the T5 Pinkerton, since there are probably about 10 in existence.