Tuesday, July 3, 2012

1998 Best Full Count Autographs #23 Kerry Wood

Kerry Wood day is back!

Sorry it’s been so long without a Kid K post, but now that he is officially retired, I will start posting some of his other hard to find cards and a few fan favorites, so this week let’s look at the 98 best autos. These cards were randomly seeded into packs of 1998 Best Signature Series baseball. The cards are copyrighted as 1997 issues and share the exact same front design as the basic 1997 Best cards. In all likelihood, there may've been complications or delays in finishing these cards in time for the 1997 packout, and they were thrown into 1998 packs rather than being destroyed, sitting in a warehouse forever, or being sold individually by the manufacturer. In addition, a standard-sized mail-in offer card featuring a copy of Kerry Wood's 1997 Full Count autograph on the front (whereby the collector could obtain the featured card for $49.99) was made available.

It's Kerry in his Orlando Rays Minor League uniform and his 97 Best regular issue with promo back, kinda rare.

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