Thursday, July 12, 2012

Stars of the Diamond set - 1909 Colgan Gum

These cards came in small tins and the round player portraits were included with packages of Colgan chewing gum. The "cards" measure 1 1/2" round and were inserted one per five cent package. The chips are unnumbered and we have  them in alphabetical order.  Nicknamed the "Stars of the Diamond" set.  because of the "Stars of the Diamond" printing on the back of the card. The chips feature black and white player portraits on the front of the card along with the player's name, team name and league printed vertically around their face. The back reads "'Stars of the Diamond' one in every 5 cent package of Colgan's Violet Chips and Mint Chips. Beware of imitations. The gum that's round."

Colgan's chips are designed as E254 in the American card catalog

Chicago Cubs Checklist

Ginger Beaumont
Frank Chance
Johnny Evers
Solly Hofman
Orval Overall
Jake Pfeister
Ed Reulbach
Jimmy Scheckard
Wildfire Schulte
Harry Steinfeldt
Joe Tinker
Heinie Zimmerman

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