Thursday, September 15, 2011

2001 Heritage-Product of the Decade

2001 Topps Heritage is a 407-card set to celebrate Topps' 50th anniversary, the base set had the same look and feel as the legendary 1952 Topps set. (Topps opted make all cards in the modern 2 1/2" X 3 1/2" format, and not in the 2 5/8" X 3 3/4" dimensions of the real '52 Topps.) Most of the photographs on the cards were purposefully blurred to give them an early-50s look.

Just like '52 Topps, the 80 lower numbered cards and the 97 higher numbered cards, were short-printed -- but unlike '52 Topps, '01 Topps Heritage was released in a single series.

Low Numbers
NOTE: The first 80 cards were slightly short-printed, with half the production run in black-backs and the other half in red-backs. The first 80-card series of 1952 Topps, also had about half the cards in black and half in red. Although some collectors have built "Master Sets" with both variations, a full set is considered complete irregardless of back color.

Low Number checklist:
23 Corey Patterson (Black Back)SP
23 Corey Patterson (Red Back)SP

The following mid-series cards were erroneously printed exclusively in the Black-Back format: 201 Matt Stairs (Black Back)

 95 Luis Montanez RC
130 Mark Grace
166 Sammy Sosa
175 Rick Aguilera
182 Kevin Tapani
201 Matt Stairs (Black Back)
239 Kerry Wood
253 Eric Young
290 Steve Smyth RC
303 Bill Mueller

Intended to mimic the '52 Topps set's "high-number" series, the last 97 cards are all short-printed and seeded at the rate of 1:2/packs.

Short-Print checklist:
303 Bill Mueller SP

A "Chrome" set parallels 110 of the regular issue cards. The print run for each Chrome card is only 552, causing them to maintain incredible popularity.

#CP72 Sammy Sosa
#CP83 Corey Patterson
#CP91 Luis Montanez
#CP95 Steve Smyth

Boasting an autograph list of 52 cards, Topps included 26 players from 1952 and 26 of 2001's baseball stars.  This set would be known in later Heritage issues as "Real One" Autographs.

The cards can be found autographed in either Blue or Red ink. Each player signed a total of 200 cards in "blue ink" and only 52 cards in "red ink"


Classic Renditions Autographs
No Cubs

The autographed "Classic Renditions"
No Cubs

Classic Renditions insert set (non-autographed)
CR4 Sammy Sosa

New Age Performers insert set
NAP2  Sammy Sosa

Then and Now insert baseball card set 

"Clubhouse Collection" Autographs
No Cubs

Clubhouse Collection Relic Baseball cards
No Cubs

Clubhouse Collection Dual Relics
No Cubs

Time Capsule insert set
No Cubs

Grandstand Glory game used seat cards.
No Cubs

Base Set

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