Thursday, December 27, 2012

Cubs Plow's Candy (1912) E300

This super rare set had some of the all time greats including Three Finger Mordecai Brown. Three Finger's  ERA was under 2.00 in all but one year from 1904 through 1910. Other Other cub greats include Johnny Evers and Joe Tinker here is the complete list of these cards

Chicago Cubs Checklist

Mordecai Brown- $4800 nm
King Cole- $3000 nm
Johnny Evers -$4800 nm
Solly Hofman -$3000 nm
Jimmy Sheckard -$3000 nm
Joe Tinker -$4800 nm

Take a good look at these photos and see if you can spot the Cubs home field west side park

Actually it’s all three!

centerfielder Solly Hofman was one of the Chicago Cubs main cogs on their four pennant winning team from 1906 thru 1908 as well as 1910. Nicknamed “Circus Solly” because of his myriad of remarkable circus catches, Hoffman was also a formidable hitter and stellar base runner.

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