Friday, September 23, 2011

2002 Heritage-in honor of the very popular 1953 Topps set.

This set is modeled after the 1953 Topps. In 1953, Topps chose to use painted portraits to make their cards for that year true works of art. Topps Heritage followed suit and gave their 2002 cards an artistic look.

Also similar to the original 1953 set, the Topps Heritage design is highlighted by a nice color team logo on the front of each card, along with a red or black box in which the players name, position and team are displayed. The box is either red for American League teams, or black for National League teams.

Each base card has a trivia question on the back, along with the players facsimile signature, another resemblance to the original 1953 Topps counterpart

In addition, there was an unannounced variation in which 10 cards were printed in both day and night versions.  There are no cubs with nightime SP .

Chicago Cubs Checklist

Number Player
9 Eric Young
35 Julian Tavarez
50 Juan Cruz
64 Corey Patterson
105 Michael Tucker
110 Jon Lieber
116 Matt Stairs
120 Kevin Tapani
139 Nic Jackson RC
168 Rondell White
192 Julio Zuleta
220 Sammy Sosa SP
245 Jason Bere
248 Kerry Wood
265 Tom Gordon
266 Moises Alou
309 Ivanon Coffie


Common Player: .25
220 Sammy Sosa SP 6.00


Stars (1-100): 6-10X Common Player
RC’s: 3-6X Common Player

Real One Autographs:

HS Hank Sauer $50

Grandstand Glory Stadium Seat:

Inserted 1:133
HS Hank Sauer $10

Clubhouse Collection Relics:

SP Sauer/Patterson $75
CP Corey Patterson Bat $20
HS Hank Sauer Bat $20 not in the Summer Breeze collection

New Age Performers

NA6 Sammy Sosa $3

Then and Now

TN7 D.Snider/S.Sosa $3

Classic Renditions

CR1 Kerry Wood $1


Inserted into packs at stated odds of one in 29, these 100 cards feature the "Chrome" technology and have a stated print run of 553 copies.

THC17 Juan Cruz
THC21 Corey Patterson
THC33 Jon Lieber
THC73 Kerry Wood
THC77 Moises Alou

Clubhouse Collection

Inserted into packs at a rate for jersey cards of one in 332 and bat cards at a rate of one in 498,  with a memorabilia swatch.  
CCCP Corey Patterson Bat

CC2SP H.Sauer/C.Patterson Bat  HAND NUMBERED /53

Grandstand Glory Stadium Seat:

HS Hank Sauer

New Age PerformersInserted into packs at stated odds of one in 15, this card feature powerhouse players whose accomplishments have cemented their names in major league history
NA6 Sammy Sosa

Then and Now

Inserted into packs at stated odds of one in 15, this card feature a 1953 player as well as a current stand-out. This card offer statistical comparisions in major stat categories and are printed in greyback paper stock.
TN7 D.Snider/S.Sosa

Classic Renditions

Inserted into packs at stated odds of one in 12, these 10 cards show how current players might look like if they played in their 1953 team uniforms. These cards are printed on grayback paper stock.
CR1 Kerry Wood

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