Tuesday, October 4, 2011

1951 Bowman Reprints

Issued in 1986 by the New York-based Card Collector's Company [C.C.C.], this set contains REPRINTS of 1951 Bowman cards. Cards are of glossy stock and are noted on the reverse as "REPRINT 1986 CCC".

Reputable reprint producers like Card Collectors Company clearly mark their cards with "REPRINT 1986 C.C.C." on the bottom back.

The reprints provide a real alternative for those who are attracted to vintage cards but can't afford them.

With the price of old vintage baseball cards skyrocketing, so too are the vast numbers of counterfeiters out there.

The real 1951 set info:

Bowman Gum, a subsidiary of Philadelphia, PA-based Haelan Laboratories, has evolved into the premier manufacturer of bubble gum cards.

Bowman's 1951 set would be its largest ever (and of all time, as it turned out), featuring a total of 324 players.

Bowman used a card size of 2 1/16" x 3 1/8", the same width as the year before, but longer. Most of the 324 cards featured vertically oriented player portraits, recreated as color artwork from photographs. 39 cards used a horizontal (landscape) orientation. The player's name is located in a black strip on the front of the card. The backs of these cards contain the player's name, some stats, and a short biography.

The cards were issued in a series, with the high-number cards (#253-#324) commanding a premium over the rest of the set.


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