Monday, December 31, 2012

1909 Croft & Allen E92

Caramel cards in general are much rarer than tobacco cards of the era.The cards in this set measure 1 1/2" by 2 3/4". Advertising backs can be found for Dockman & Sons, Croft's Candy, Croft's Cocoa and Nadja The set contains poses identical to those in E101, E102, and E105.

The first and most common (E92-1) has John H. Dockman and Sons on back and says "50 Base Ball Players", but there are only 40 cards.

 The second set (E92-2) from Philadelphia, has "Candy Crofts Croft and Allen Co." printed on the back. These Crofts Candy cards are found printed in one of 3 colors on back, Black (common), Blue (scarce), or Red (very scarce) and there are 50 in the set.

The third set (E92-3) from Philadelphia, says "Crofts Swiss Milk Cocoa" and pictures a bottle of Cocoa. There are 50 in the set.

The fourth and scarcest (E92-4), says Nadja Caramel on back. Nadja Caramels were manufactured by the Blake-Wenneker Candy Co. of St. Louis. The checklist is similar to other E92 sets except Nadja includes a group of St. Louis  AL and NL players not found in the other sets. There are 62 different cards known. They have captions is black.

Chicago Cubs Checklist

Frank Chance 
Heinie Zimmerman 
Joe Tinker 
Johnny Evers

Pricelist is different for every back

Dockman and Sons--Frank Chance --$1880nm
Dockman and Sons --Joe Tinker --$1620nm
Dockman and Sons--Heinie Zimmerman --$910nm

Crofts Candy--Frank Chance --$3450nm
Crofts Candy--Johnny Evers --$3450nm
Crofts Candy --Joe Tinker --$2815nm
Crofts Candy--Heinie Zimmerman --$1065nm

Crofts Cocoa--Frank Chance --$1650nm
Crofts Cocoa-- Johnny Evers --$3150nm
Crofts Cocoa--Joe Tinker --$1650nm
Crofts Cocoa--Heinie Zimmerman --$790nm

Nadja Caramel--Frank Chance --$1020nm
Nadja Caramel--Johnny Evers --$1020nm
Nadja Caramel--Joe Tinker  --$1020nm
Nadja Caramel--Heinie Zimmerman --$550nm


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  2. Smith, Catcher, Detroit, American League, from the Baseball Gum series (E92), issued by Croft and Allen Co. near mint condition , what would it be worth? I did not see one here.