Wednesday, January 2, 2013

1969 Sunoco Pins Chicago Cubs

Number of Cards

1969 Sunoco Pins have 9 pins, and are all Cubs playes.

Size of Pins

The size of the pins are approximately 1 1/8"

Basic Features

These pins feature members of the Chicago Cubs and Milwaukee Brewers. The pins are approximately 1 1/8" in diameter. The photo used is black and white but the border colors are either red and white (for Milwaukee Brewers players) or blue and white (for Chicago Cubs players. Since the pins are unnumbered they are ordered below in alphabetical order within team, Chicago Cubs (1-9) and Milwaukee Brewers (10-18). Dont over pay for this set its about 65 bucks for nm condition.

Chicago Cubs 1969 Sunoco Pins Checklist

Number Player
1 Ernie Banks
2 Glenn Beckert
3 Jim Hickman
4 Randy Hundley
5 Ferguson Jenkins
6 Don Kessinger
7 Joe Pepitone
8 Ron Santo
9 Billy Williams

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