Saturday, September 17, 2011

2007 Bowman Heritage-in honor of the very popular 1952 Bowman set.

2007 Bowman Heritage Baseball takes collectors back in time to honor one of the most popular baseball card designs of all time - 1952 Bowman! These full-color cards provide fans and collectors with stunning visuals of current Major League Baseball players on the classic card design that was used for 1952 Bowman Baseball.

This 296-card set was released in November, 2007. Cards numbered 1-200 were veterans while cards numbered 201-251 were 2007 rookies. In addition, cards numbered 181-200 and 226-250 were issued both with facsimile signatures and without signatures. The cards without signatures were printed in shorter quantity and were inserted at a stated rate of one in three..

Chicago Cubs Checklist

Number Player
Derrek Lee
31 Rich Hill
35 Alfonso Soriano
82 Aramis Ramirez
85 Carlos Zambrano
132 Michael Barrett
230a Felix Pie (RC)
230b Felix Pie SP
Number Player
BHP25 Jeff Samardzija
BHP46 J.R. Mathes
BHP83 Jeremy Papelbon
BHP91 Ryan Norwood
BHP98 Sam Fuld

2007 Bowman Heritage Pieces of Greatness #AR Aramis Ramirez Bat

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