Thursday, October 6, 2011

1950 Bowman Reprints

Issued in 1986 by the New York-based Card Collector's Company [C.C.C.], this set contains REPRINTS of 1951 Bowman cards. Cards are of glossy stock and are noted on the reverse as "REPRINT".

With the price of old vintage baseball cards skyrocketing, so too are the vast numbers of counterfeiters out there. These reprints provide a real alternative for those who are attracted to vintage cards, but can't afford them.

The real 1950 set info

The 1950 Bowman R-406-4 set was the only year in which it had a monopoly on baseball cards. There were no other national issues released that year. This set has 252 cards total. The cards, like those in the 1949 Bowman set, measured 2 1/16′′ by 2 1/2′′ inches, which is much smaller than what is now considered the standard size for baseball cards.The card fronts feature hand-painted color reproductions of actual photographs.

The card back is vanilla in color and displays a short blurb about the player or manager while also supplying the player or manager's bio, which includes his position, team, birthplace, birth date, height, weight, and how one bats and throws, all in black ink. The player's name in capital letters is in red ink, as is the "Bowman 5-Star Picture Card Collectors Club" logo, the only Bowman sports set that it appeared on. The bottom of the card shows the card number and the Bowman copyright. However, cards 181 through 252 can be found with or without the copyright. Neither variation is worth more than the other.


Series I: 1-36 (scarce)
Series II: 37-72 (scarce)
Series III: 73-108
Series IV: 109-144
Series V: 145-180
Series VI: 181-215
Series VII: 217-252

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