Thursday, October 6, 2011

1950 Bowman Reprints Cubs Checklist

Basic Features

Issued in 1986 by the New York-based Card Collector's Company [C.C.C.], this set contains REPRINTS of 1950 famous Bowman cards. Cards are of glossy stock with great painted photos. Reputable reprint producers like Card Collectors Company clearly mark their cards with "REPRINT" on the bottom back.

The reprints provide a real alternative for those who are attracted to vintage cards but can't afford them. With the price of old vintage baseball cards skyrocketing, so too are the vast numbers of counterfeiters out there.

To prevent purchasing a false piece of history, always get a professionally graded card from a recognized provider. In the future, graded cards will be significantly more valuable.

The real 1950 set info:

Bowman Gum had evolved into the premier manufacturer of bubble gum cards during this time period. Bowman's 1950 set features a total of 252 classic cards, making this one of the greatest sets of all time! Bowman used a card size of 2 1/16" x 2 1/2". The backs of these cards contain the player's name and a short biography.

1986 Chicago Cubs - 1950 Bowman (Reprint) Checklist

Number Player
24 Johnny Schmitz 
25 Hank Sauer 
60 Andy Pafko 
61 Bob Rush 
78 Mickey Owen 
79 Johnny Vander Meer 
114 Wayne Terwilliger 
115 Roy Smalley 
169 Hank Edwards 
170 Dutch Leonard 
195 Phil Cavarretta 
196 Doyle Lade 
229 Frankie Frisch 
230 Bill Serena 
231 Preston Ward 

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