Thursday, December 1, 2011

1946 Scorecard Cubs 13 - Phillies 1 May 5th 1946

I have decided to start putting up some vintage cubs scorecards. This particular one today was from a game in 1946 the defending national champs Chicago Cubs crushed the Phillies by 12. Now you ask yourself how I know which game it was well let’s look a little closer. Starting with the champs cover lets go page by page.

Front page

Some of my favorite words National league champions, wish we could hear it more often.

Inside cover Page 1

Not sure what Yellow band wieners are but I do love hotdogs at Wrigley Field or in this case Cubs Park. On closer inspection it says under little Oscar each link is encircled with a continuous yellow band.

Page 2

Gotta love the old phone numbers

Page 3

My dad was a milkman for borden’s in the 50s thru early 60s before coming an independent distributor his favored customer [Cubby Bear Lounge]. I can remember helping him as a kid and talking to all the Bears players that hung out there.

Page 4

Need to add a few red stars to that cub flag if they still use it.

Page 5

I still remember the driver yelling on the way to riggle "Wrigley field" best part of the L

Page 6

Baby Ruth 5 cents come on what happened. Back in the day they would sell plastic horns that you would blow in and it made a hell of a racket. So my friend dared me to blow the horn at some poor fellow while he was drinking beer, you guessed it beer flew all over then he chased me forever (about 10 minutes) but never caught me until about a week later had to give him money for his dry cleaning bill and only had a quarter that’s all he got. I did promise that I would never seek up on him agian.

Page 7 & 8

That brings us to the score card portion, if you look at the starting pitchers for the game it was Rowe against Borowy. Going to baseball reference page
You know who the starting pitchers were and look at the Phillies 4th inning homerun there only score. That why it’s nice to have a scorecard that is marked , 65 years later I know everything about that one game.

Page 9

Henry C. Lytton was a clothing store then went into sporting goods a true success story

Page 10

Remember nothing about this stuff although it looks good no chemicals in those products

Page 11

Ya I got a buck 80. Theo Epstein has reached out to the agent for Albert Pujols if we land him I think the price will go up a bit.

Page 12

Its got to be good

Page 13

A few changes over the years

Page 14

Bert Wilson was a play-by-play broadcaster for Major League Baseball's Chicago Cubs from 1944 to 1955. He was an unabashed "homer", known for two catchphrases: "I don't care who wins, as long as it's the Cubs!" and "Sic 'em, Cubs!" He also invented a short-lived catchphrase for the double play combination of Ernie Banks, Gene Baker and Steve Bilko: "Bingo to Bango to Bilko".
info wikipedia

Back cover

Before they water it down to point beer 3.2

Rose Bowl

Jan 1st I will show the 50th Anniversary Rose Bowl , something different to start the new year here’s a preview

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