Saturday, October 15, 2011

2007 Heritage-in honor of the 1958 Topps set

2007 Topps Heritage is a 495-card base set that mixes head shots and some posed photos of today's players against the solid color backgrounds of the 1958 Topps Baseball design. Player names are at the top with position and team information at the bottom.

Card backs are also true to the original, with a short write-up, a cartoon that gives a few quick facts about the player and a small stat line. Along with veterans and cards with the MLB Rookie Card logo, the base set also throws in team cards (that also serve as checklists), combo cards with multiple players and All-Star cards.

Also in the '58 set is the inclusion of variation cards with yellow player names or team names.


Common Player: .40
Common SP: $5
Common Variation: $5

78 Ryan Theriot/Yellow Name SP- $5
122 Jacque Jones SP- $5
384 Scott Moore SP (RC)- $8

Common Player: 2.00 Production 1,958 Sets
Refractors: 1.5-2X Production 558 Sets
Black Refractors: 3-6X Production 58 Sets

24 Angel Guzman- $4
97 Carlos Zambrano- $4

New Age Performers
Common Player: 1.00

Then and Now
Common Player: 1.00

Real One Autographs
Red Ink: 1.5-2X Production 58 Sets

BM Bobby Morgan- $60
EM Ed Mayer- $40

Felt Team Emblem
Chicago Cubs- $5

Felt Logos #CHC Chicago Cubs

New Age Performers #NP3 Alfonso Soriano

Real One Autographs #BM Bobby Morgan

Real One Autographs #EN Ed Mayer
Real One Autographs Red Ink #EN Ed Mayer

Chrome Checklist

THC24 Angel Guzman
THC28 Ted Lilly
THC92 Chicago Cubs TC
THC97 Carlos Zambrano


34 Mark DeRosa
66 Matt Murton
78 Ryan Theriot
78 Ryan Theriot Yellow SP
122 Jacque Jones SP
184 Rich Hill
189 Sean Marshall
196 Jason Marquis
198 Ryan Dempster
209 Angel Guzman
245 Ted Lilly
250 Alfonso Soriano
327 Chicago Cubs TC
342 Daryle Ward
372 Carlos Zambrano
384 Scott Moore SP (RC)
484 Alfonso Soriano AS

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