Sunday, January 13, 2013

1922 W501 Strip Cards Chicago Cubs

This 120-card set, measures approximately 1 15/16" by 3 1/2". The cards have white borders which frame a posed black and white photo. The cards are blank backed and have the number in the upper right hand corner. All these pictures are the same as the ones in E-121. All photos are all identified by a G-4-22, which is presumed to have been issued in April of 1922.

1922 W501 - Chicago Cubs

55 Speed Martin-$125nm 
56 Bill Killifer-$125nm 
57 Charlie Hollocher-$125nm 
58 Zeb Terry-$125nm 
59 Grover Alexander-$750nm 
60 Turner Barber-$125nm 
117 Max Flack-$125nm

This is how the original cards came in then you were supposed to cut it

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