Saturday, October 8, 2011

2006 Heritage-in honor of the very popular 1957 Topps set

Basic Features

The 2006 Heritage cards featured mostly staged photographs surrounded by a thin white background on cardboard stock. The player’s name, position, and team were printed on the front at the bottom of the card in various colors. The backs of the cards featured short biographical information and a full major league statistical record. Where space was available, the mini trivia questions from the original 1957 set were also printed on the card backs.

Short Prints-SP 1 in 3 packs

Chicago Cubs 2006 Heritage Checklist:

Number Player
34 Todd Walker
54 Greg Maddux
55 Derrek Lee SP
110 Mark Prior
135 Michael Barrett
173 John Koronka RC
183 Chicago Cubs TC
197 Todd Hollandsworth
239 Kerry Wood
246 Ryan Dempster
269 Neifi Perez SP
289 Aramis Ramirez SP
327 Juan Pierre SP
364 Jeromy Burnitz
378 Carlos Zambrano
394 Rich Hill

Chicago Cubs 2006 Heritage Chrome Checklist:

Number Player
11 Todd Walker
44 Mark Prior
59 Kerry Wood
66 Jeromy Burnitz
110 Greg Maddux


Chicago Cubs 2006 Flashbacks Checklist:

Flashback #EB Ernie Banks

Flashbacks Seat Relics #EB Ernie Banks

Ernie Banks hand signed 25 copies of their Flashback #EB Ernie Banks

Flashbacks Autograph Seat Relics #EB Ernie Banks

no photo

2006 Clubhouse Collection

Heritage Clubhouse Collection Relics #DL Derrek Lee Bat

Chicago Cubs 2006 Real One Autographs Checklist:

Number Player
DK Don Kaiser
EB Ernie Banks
JAC Jackie Collum

Real One Autographs #DK Don Kaiser

Real One Autographs #EB Ernie Banks

Real One Autographs #JAC Jackie Collum

Chicago Cubs 2006 New Age Performers Checklist:

Basic Features

2006 Heritage New Age Performers Checklist and Gallery
The card fronts feature a full color action photo of the player on a green background surrounded by a white border. The card backs feature 2005 and career statistics and a short narrative puting their accomplishments in the 2005 season in a 1957 context.

New Age Performers #DL Derrek Lee

New Age Performers #GM Mark Prior

Chicago Cubs 2006 Then and Now Checklist:

Basic Features

Each card features two different players from the modern era and a player from the 1957 season. On the front of the card the players’ names are displayed below a portrait of each player on a brown background.

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