Wednesday, September 26, 2012

1927 W560 Playing Cards Chicago Cubs or is it?

 Although assigned a "W" number in the American Card Catalog, this "strip" card issue was actually issued in the form of four different 16-subject uncut 7" x 11" sheets.  The set includes non-sport celebrities and athletes. The blank backs are a tannish-gray card stock. W560's are found with red ink (Hearts and Diamonds), black ink (Clubs and Spades), or a much scarcer variation with both red and black ink on each card. Also the front card stock can be found in a yellowish to pinkish color.

Chicago Cubs Checklist

Kiki Cuyler -Club-Ace
Rogers Hornsby -Heart-4
Guy Bush -Spade-Jack

It’s very odd that this card of Hornsby say 1927 because he was NY Giant at that time. Giants traded Hornsby to the Boston Braves and then they sold him to the cubs in 1929 when he became MVP. I’m not sure what happened here but I guarantee it’s not 1927 but a 1929.

Rogers Hornsby lower left



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  2. There are problems like this all over this issue but SCD refuses to re-date it to 1929. The Walter Hagen card explicitly states that he is the 1929 British Open Champ.