Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The First Ever Serial Numbered Cards Donruss Elite Inserts

Beginning in 1991, Donruss included a series of serial-numbered inserts into their base brand ("Elite Series" cards numbered to 10,000, a Nolan Ryan "Legends Series" card numbered to 7500, and a "Signature Series" card autographed by Ryne Sandberg and numbered to 5000). This was the first time that mainstream insert cards were ever serial numbered allowing for verifiable proof of print runs. The regular Elite cards are photos enclosed in a bronze marble borders which surround an evenly squared photo of the players. The Sandberg Signature card has a green marble border and is signed in a blue sharpie. The Nolan Ryan Legend card is a Dick Perez drawing with silver borders.

1991 Donruss Elite #S1 Ryne Sandberg AU/5000

Summer Breeze Price guide: $150

1991 Donruss Elite #4 Andre Dawson /10,000

feature special patch-type piece

Summer Breeze Price guide: $4

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